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Thread: Future of Digimon Panel AX - Digimon Survive 2020

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    I'm a Maniac Kaid115's Avatar
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    I feel like it would be a neat turn of events that instead of the children going to the real world that many, many Digimon were somehow brought to the real world and caused an apocalypse, and the story is about these kids trying to survive in said apocalypse.

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    Interesting about the two new characters, so that makes seven human characters that we know of, just like adventure.

    I wonder if we'll get an eighth character to join halfway through the story too.

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    I don't mind waiting if it's worth the while, and I know it will! Just let the rest of the world see that animated intro!! I really dig the idea of the Human emotions and mental status affecting the evolutionary routes of the Digimon....I wanted a game like this for years to be honest! This is gonna be huge

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