They've don't this a number of times, so no surprise at it happening again.

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They're holding a poll asking for your number one favorite scene/music out of all of the Digimon series. The poll will be open between July 5th to 12th. The poll results will be announced at DigiFes2019's Digimon Award program, as well as published on the official site the day after DigiFes.

A direct link to the poll is here.

1: "The most intense battle scene." Please tell us what battle scene you thought was the fiercest.
Examples: (1) "Digimon Adventure" - Angemon and Devimon's battle
(2) "Digimon Adventure 02" - The last battle with BelialVamdemon
(3) "Digimon Savers" - ShineGreymon Burst Mode VS Belphemon in their last battle

2: "The scene where you felt friendship deeply." Please tell us the scene where you felt the bond of friendship most deeply.
Examples: (1) "Digimon Adventure" - The back-and-forth between the gang in their fight with Apocalymon, last episode
(2) "Digimon Tamers" - Ep43. Impmon reconciles with Ai and Mako, and changes into Beelzebumon Blast Mode to save Guilmon and co.
(3) "Digimon Xros Wars" - The scene where Taiki hands Tagiru his goggles in the last episode

3: "Favorite Digimon music." The Digimon series have produced many songs, but tell us which one you like the best.
Examples: (1) "Shinka de Guts!" - Digimon Adventure
(2) "Beat Hit!" - Digimon Adventure 02
(3) "Butter-Fly ~tri.Version~" - Digimon Adventure tri.

4: "The Digimon song that you wish to use as your own theme song." Please tell us the song that you would want as your personal theme song.
Examples: (1) "keep on" - Digimon Adventure
(2) "FIRE!!" - Digimon Frontier
(3) "DiVE!!" - Digimon Universe Appli Monsters

Huge thanks to onkei on this one.