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Thread: Digimon X2 Lineup Introduction from MonMon Memo, Plus Character Tease

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    I guess the two digimon to be revealed are:

    Rasenmon GM as Ultimate
    Black Seraphimon X as Ultimate+

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    Unlikely that Black Seraphimon X would make it and not be revealed with the other two, plus the other two are ultimates so no reason for him being ultimate+.

    Btw the design for Mephistomon-X looks interesting!

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    Wait a minute. As usual for DIGIMON fans, we’re thinking too hard. They said eighteen new digimon would receive the X-antibody, and I count eighteen in the ones we already know. That means the two new ones aren’t new Xevolutions; if they’re Xevolutions at all, they’re old ones. And in chapter five they said that GranDracmon was up to some shenanigans involving DeaXlution.

    Guys it’s just DeaX DORU Goramon and DeaXmon.

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