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Thread: Ultimate Image Omegamon X Figure Teaser

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    Ultimate Image Omegamon X Figure Teaser

    Time for another product teaser...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    This time we get a teaser for the next Ultimate Image figure, Omegamon X. The teaser itself is a silhouette of the figure on a standby page on Premium Bandai.

    Ultimate Image Omegamon X will be based on artwork by As'Maria.

    The silhouette itself doesn't look to match the standard profile art of the character as prior figures in the various Art Figurations lines are (Capsule Mascot Collection, Capsule Mascot Collection Premium, and the prior Ultimate Image figure.) Whether this is a trick of how the figure was posed and some Photoshop work, or it's based on a different piece of art isn't clear at the moment.

    No date or pricing information yet.

    When originally announced in V-Jump, the new Ultimate Image figure was announced to go up for pre-order in June, we can only assume they decided to hold back and simply focus on the Digimon X2 at the time.

    Omegamon X is the second Ultimate Image figure, after Omegamon Merciful Mode, who recently began to ship to people who purchased it.

    More to come!
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    Interesting, it definitely doesn't look like the standard profile art. Dare I hope there are some moveable elements...?

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    More Omegamon Dx lol

    Hope doesnt look too buff

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    Haha, nope, not happening, Bandai. I already have five Omegamon figures, you're not shovelling yet another one onto me. I'm a mark, but I'm not that big of a mark.
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