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Thread: Strongest digimon tier list

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    Strongest digimon tier list

    S++: Jesmon gx: has access to something that is not supposed to exist and can take on stronger opponents with it, instantly erasing them

    Ogudomon x: cant be defeated by digimon who even have small hint of malice, makes everything collapse just by existing, ddd move that erases everything it touches.

    S+: Shoutmon x7 superior mode: dont think I need to explain him lol, but it really depends on how many he digixrosses with, it also depends on how many loaders are used in the anime code crown was used as well which is an external source of power and in the manga shoutmon was only able to fuse with good digimon in the battlefield (which is more normal and accurate as the small portion profile seems to confirm this) which brings me to my next point, xros manga had some big explanations on what digixros strengthens and weaknesses are, for example the main digimon who xros only get a fraction of the other digimon benefits and not full, xros can also easily be reversed to.

    S: chronomon holy mode, voultabautomon, omegamon alter b, exogrimmon:

    chronomon holy mode is born with digital life form chrono data/chore which is one of the powerful life forms out there, also boasts power to defeat yggy, having chrono data gives it the ability to degrade data, destroy and create to. Exogrimmon is the same to but on a weaker level as unlike chronomon he was not able to handle the chrono data, this is coming of from chrono chore itself.

    vaultabautomon, play next order and find out his incredible feets, destroyed dark area and took down all the sgdl. He is basically an physical form of the malice data found in the dark area called the malevolent fist. He also took on alter b who can destroy multiverse.

    Omegamon alter b: was going to destroy both worlds (multiverse) in one go after powering itself up.

    A++: Gracenovamon: does not have feats but its DRB literally states standalone galaxy digimon with data size that cannot be measured accurately, let's compare to find out, in order to understand how powerful this digimon is you have to read diablomon > eldoradimon > examon profiles, they have text that directly measures gracenovamon power level.

    The mad scientist in season 5 had to make super weapon out of many artificially made digimon who are able to erase and take on ultimate level digimon to destroy eldoradimon.

    Examon in digimon chronicle x was fell by thousands and thousands of digimon attacking from all directions, with lilithmon x joining in the fun as well.

    So with all that said, digimon with huge data size have huge strength in terms of attack and defense, huge resistance to attacks, massive in size which gracenovamon makes up by having op attacks, how does one handle those gigantic meleagros weapons? Gracenovamon is a really huge digimon it was confirmed that examon is only the size of its feet, his even larger than ogudumon x.

    Examon x should be up here as well, the cybersleuth game tends to explain the og examon power level very well, I mean 5 royal knights altogether had trouble with the thing and that is him when he was weakened state because parts of his body was corroded by the eaters, in the game it actually took weakening him further to take him down, examon in cybersleuth was also treated like an god like entity if the evil side got him, it would have spelt the end of the world which is odd considering who it is all this came from (all this should give you an example of how powerful gracenovamon is). I know the og examon was quickly put down by lucemon in rearise but examon x profile shows he got a even larger power boost especially with his sentient weapon (ambrosias, I believe it's an second digimon to wield sentient main weapon like neptunemon) which puts out energy depending on how strong of an opponent examon x fights.

    galacticmon, I would like to explain about this guy and his prior forms and how he can absorb data in massive quantities, his also the reason why gaiamon name pops up in top10s, basically what was gonna happen is after snatchmon absorbing the satellite and turning into galacticmon, he was gonna destroy all life on earth, then absorb earth to become gaiamon.

    Ragnalordmon: my opinion on this guy has not changed, he has access to two powerful legend arms weapons (hovers around him and not directly equipped, so his not your typical knight with sword and shield lol, on top of that those sword and shield still retain there consiousness, I.e. durandamon and beweldramon, main body formed in the higher plane, where mother eater exists?), one being an indestructible shield which can create barrier and sword which can get past any type of defense. It is also said that legend arms in there arms form can destroy world if held by demon or save world if held by an angel.

    Like if you want to understand what an legends arm digimon does to an digimon while they are equipped, read shoutmon x4s and x5s profiles to understand and ragnalordmon holds two of them lol

    A+: alphamon oruyuken, lucemon x, lucemon shadowlord mode, jupitermon wrath mode, imperialdramon paladin mode, ulforceveedramon future mode, susanomon, (gallantmon crimson mode): put in brackets as I'm not too sure

    Lets talk about lucemon crazy feats, destroyed couple of moons in season 4 without even trying, took on all the 10 legendary warriors who are stronger than typical megas, at the end there was only 2 of them left standing and they managed to seal lucemon away, according to Muur and buufytya youtube vids, lucemon took on 6 of the strongest royal knights with ease, he was also going to crush susanoomon but the story saved him, he also most likely defeated and sealed away huanglongmon, note all this is with just lucemon fall down mode, I also believe alphamon oruyuken did kind of defeat shadow lord mode according to bufftya youtube vids, with jupitermon, it's only fair to assume his power level is similar to that of others in this list.

    Alphamon has many huge feats to, he demonstrated his abilities in multiple media like cyber sleuth games/manga, digimon chronicles manga, digimon story ds.

    A: Shakkamon: being closest to yggy. Does not have much other feats to go on lol but that is what its DRB states. Do you guys have any analysis on this thing?

    B++: Arcadiamon super ultumate: instant delete god matrix move *super op* which no one can see this move, it just deletes everything to 0 and 1s it touches. It also has negative impact on ecosystem just by existing.

    Daemon x: has the ability to surpass super ultimates and has seventh graviton which erases stuff.

    Daemon super ultimate: can control other digimons 0 and 1s by inflicting a virus on them.

    B+: Zeedmilliumon: finally an digimon that is held in high pedestal by many digimon fans with massive amount of headcanon surrounding it.

    It's an Digimon that freely flows between time and space trying to destroy all era's, some people take that as in zeed is able to freely manipulate time and space which is just wrong, sorry but zeed does not have alphamon alpha inforce, it does have the ability to trap his foes in another dimension though + none of the media's that he was in demonstrated such abilities.

    Alot of people believe that zeed in xros manga is not real, that is an completely false statement, it was very much real but not formed normally, it was digixrossed into one by an already digixrossed dark knightmon and milliniumon.

    It also lacked the original intelligence because of the amount it took to form via xros, which was one of the digixros laws explained within the manga, if an digimon bites (xros) more than they can chew they start to lose their body and mind, I.e. the behavioural aspects of milliumon seen in the manga, because of these reasons it was also alot more stronger than the original.

    Now for the multiverse effect zeed was having, that was not zeeds effect (zeed does not have an effect similar to ogudomon x, megidramon x, ordinemon, arcadiamon super ultimate where things start to have negative impact just by them simply existing), in the manga it was stated by duftmon that zeed was force digixrosing with everything surrounding which he had already done to most of the digital world, it started off by absorbing dynasmon wyvern breath and dynasmon himself which zeed became bigger and started sucking up everything faster, all this was over when nene came to her senses and reversed the effects with her loader, which at the time she was held captive by moonmilliumon inside zeed.

    Oh and the video games, zeed never beat eniac he just simply deactivated it by using his VR creations.

    The only thing that made him look strong is that he defeated the 4 sovereigns, which alphamon took on in digimon story ds and lucemon took down the leader of the 4 sovereigns.

    Some people like to believe that when og dies, it regenerates itself as moon, that is not true, moon is inside og always, it separates itself from og when it is defeated, then travels between time and space and resurrect as zeed.

    In dawn and dusk zeed was merely part of the strong group called gaia origin, still very powerful but in the same universe, chronomon was the strongest, and certain other digimon as well.

    At the end his just a normal average digimon like the rest. Very strong but not uber strong like most think, most likely an super ultimate.

    Omegaarmamon burst mode: legends arm who is forcefully digixrossed by barbramon. We all know by now what legends arm are capable of when equipped to an digimon.

    B: Huanglongmon: entire body is made up of huaglong ore and has crazy skills. Not going to explain what huanlong ore is, there is too much to discuss regarding that.

    Death-Xmon: I know its profile states it's not an digimon but it's not an digital life form either and is an super ultimate form of the death-X line of dorumon. It has no substance similar to that of shademon and moonmilliumon, thus physical attacks dont affect it or making it impossible to defeat. It's only active when there are digicores around, well the digital world is full of digicores, ultimately meaning this guys existence means instinction to all digimon, thank god it's not the most powerful being out there as alphamon has shown over and over again to be able to defeat it, or though he was fairly close to destroying digital world in one of the mangas and it was shown other weapons that dont have physical form can affect it like alphamon alpha grade and most likely gallantmon crimson mode weapons to.

    C++: ultimatechaosmon: fusion of four powers like darkdramon, sleipmon, bacholeomon and valdurmon, or though incomplete, has tons of energy that even child level digimon cant come close to it. Has an weakness of digicores appearing bare on its shoulders, why not higher on the list.

    Armagemon: super ultimate level digimon. In every single media he appeared in he always treated as the door step to final bosses, in order to grasp the extent of his power, you need to have a look at the profiles of his predecessors.

    Ordinemon: this thing can bring miasma and turn everything to nothingness, can summon thousands of digimon with the feathers on its wings, it literally took omegamon merciful mode to bring her down who most likely posses similar capabilities of alter b. She does not posses any defensive traits is why she is not higher on the list.

    Not sure: victorygreymon and zeedgarurumon, according to the manga (digimon next), they are just normal ultimate level digimon, but barbamon bragged about there power surpassing even the god (evil digimon are known to spew garbage like this alot), so I'm not sure.

    After looking at N.E.O profile, it does seem to confirm my suspicion on these 2, according to there profile, they must be just artificially created to take on yggy. N.E.O profile also seems to indirectly state that super ultimates could better stand up to him .

    Note: omegamon merciful mode is not in this list because we need an official profile but if alter b is anything to go of from, he is dang powerful.

    In all seriousness of the above, difficult to put them down any where as they can take on any 1-9 digimon and easily too, list is not perfect it clearly has that effect of A>B>C>A for e.g. ulforceviddramon future mode can easily squish, arcadiamon and daemon on this higher up on the list. Of course this list is bound to change ones new form of power arise in new digimon media XD.
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    Two things of note.

    First, it is a common misconception, but a tier list is a subjective ranking of video game elements (characters, abilities, items, etc.) by their respective viability in high-level competitive settings. It is not strictly a power ranking. The "strongest" character is not always the most "viable" character. For example, UlforceV-dramon was one of the top tier Digimon (higher than the likes of Lucemon SM and Imperialdramon PM) in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth mainly because of his Support ability, not because of his stats.

    Secondly, Digimon don't have universal static power levels. Their power is what the narrative wants it to be. The strongest Digimon in one setting could just be a henchman or side-villain in another setting.

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    Instead of "Tier" list. How about comparing this Digimon to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure in unique tier? I don't know how to express well but defeating villians isn't enough to judge however all special abilities of "Stands" led to have tons of favorites to argue about who can defeat who....

    Yeah pretty much of this.

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    The Vs Battles wiki has profiles for Digimon that are pretty well done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnalord View Post
    A tier:
    Ulforce veedramon future mode
    Omegamon merciful mode
    Chrnomon destruction mode
    Demon x/lucemon x + dragon mode/arakadimon super ultimate/demon super ultimate

    Shakomon is similar league to yggdrasil, according to its profile, if I read it correctly.
    Oh, wow. Shakomon went back to being a Perfect? Even more than that, it's now a Super Ultimate? Now that is one badass clam. Seriously, though, I think you meant this one.

    ulforce has beaten super ultimate
    A Super Ultimate defeating another Super Ultimate? Who'd have thunk it?

    not sure if ragnalordmon is good or bad digimon though.
    RagnaLordmon is a Virus, but of course, attributes are not absolute indicators of a Digimon's disposition.

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    Just realized RagnaLord's tier post didn't mention GraceNovamon. Oh well.

    ZeedMilleniumon is still top tier, I see. But I still don't know much about the outer space system. I'm positive ZeedMilleniumon's op abilities may be useless against GraceNovamon. Because GraceNovamon's size is impossible to measure. (The universe is expanding or something like that in the real life) and the universe contains the time & space, energy, matter and everything existing. IMO GraceNovamon killed this power tier system. (Call me crazy, somebody here with universe knowledge? Help?)

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    Yeah, I miss typed sorry, and I never knew that ulforce veedramon future mode is super ultimate, I thought it was mostly his ulforce ability which allowed him to defeat an super ultimate.

    I failed to mention gracenovamon because apart from being a stand alone galaxy, I don't see any other qualities, his 8 weapons on his back perseus opponent until they die, that is awesome, eclipse fingers has the power to melt anything, but it's a close range skill, another quality I gues is that his a jogress of 2 Olympus xii digimon who are said to be as strong as royal knights, to me he sounds like more of a b tier placed where alphamon, omegamon x, jupitermon wraith mode would belong unless if I am missing something.

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    Another one of those... Tier lists in the strict sense have never made sense since there is no such thing as a continuous concept of "definitely better" in Digimon.
    This was confirmed in the ver5-20th V-Pet Artbook where we were given an outline of a clash between all standard Ultimates: Two of them fight, one of them wins, but the winner is always matched against an opponent that will then defeat him. And then in the final fight, winner of the penultimate fight is defeated by the Digimon who originally lost the very first fight. Bye bye tier lists.

    Because we now canonically know that some Digimon A beating Digimon B and Digimon B beating Digimon C, does not constitute any proof that Digimon C couldn't beat Digimon A because victory depends on specific circumstances, compatibility between abilities etc.

    And as usual most "information" stated in the opening post is misinterpreted/taken out of context/random guesswork/completely made up. (don’t ever believe what you hear in Youtube videos or on VSbattles lol)

    The only “real” tier list in Digimon has always only been what has been outlined by the level system itself, most adults can probably not take on most perfects but of course even that is treated in a very inconsistent manner.

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    Some changes I would quickly do recently supported by some products' lore like Hacker's Memory & Chronicle X:
    –Remove ZeedMillenniummon from S+ tier and add N.E.O. Put ZM in S tier instead.
    –Remove VictoryGreymon & Z'dGarurumon from S tier. Place here GrandDracumon & Alphamon: Ouryuken.
    –Shoutmon X7 SM & DarknessBagramon are hard Digimon to categorize, but to be honest I would place both of them the same way.
    –I'm not really sure about Omegamon MM actual power...I mean we can all argue it's a strong Digimon, but in fairness Ordinemon let him kill here in a "merciful" mode. Also his only official profile doesn't really reveal anything quite outstanding.
    –Also rooting for UltimateKhaosmon & Death-X-mon in the A tier.

    It's a shame we don't have any representant of the Olympos XII. GraceNovamon & Jupitermon: Wrath Mode are the best candidates, but it's implied GraceNovamon was defeated right before the storyline of Digimon Crusader starts out, and we Don't have enough information about Jupitermon: WM. But hey at least we Susanoomon when it comes to deities.

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