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Thread: Digimon is 22 Years Old!

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    Digimon is 22 Years Old!

    Digimon is 22 Years Old!

    The original V-Pets came out on June 26th, 1997. (Posting it a bit early based on where you are since there is some other related elements.)

    Putting up pre-orders for new ones on the day of the anniversary is a nice touch for fans. It's come a long way since the original release with 14 Digimon in it.

    No art from Bandai yet as they've done the last few years, so we will see what pops up later.

    Feel free to share any Digimon memories you'd like to!

    And on top of the new Digimon X2 in Japan, we are near the release of the US/Western release of the Digimon 20th Anniversary V-Pet (which contains everything from the initial V-Pet release, along with a bunch more), and all 4 colors are still up for pre-order: (affiliate link)
    Digimon 20th Anniversary V-Pet

    The social media anniversary art they put up last year...

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Left is from the 20th, right is from the 21st. Hopefully we get a new one!

    Bandai has so far posted this...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    It has a general happy 22nd birthday message. I believe the art on this is pre-existing(minus the V-Pet frame?) Agumon Hakase at a glance 'feels' slightly different, so perhaps these are new and they just 'look' like prior art... not sure at the moment.
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    I definitely remember the original Tamagotchi and the V-Pets, but I don't think it was really what got me into the series as a whole, although I suppose it worked for a nice primer. These days I do try and get into them, although I've forgotten my basic skills so it's hard for me to remember/relearn the inputs. (I know it's simple, but sometimes frustratingly so). But of course I love these little bastards, and maybe I'll try getting one of the new English versions if I'm feeling daring.

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    Hooray! Never been a big fan of them but hey, still great to hear. Next anniversary is in August?

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    I admit I did not play with Digimon in the 90s, though I was the right age. At 37 years old now, I am uper excited and have already pre-ordered the 20th anniversary v-pets that are releasing July 15th to play and share with my son who is now 7. Can't wait!!!!

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    Happy 22nd Anniversary to the franchise!

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