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Thread: New MonMon Memo, Digimon X2 Preview Video, & Reference Book Updates!

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    New MonMon Memo, Digimon X2 Preview Video, & Reference Book Updates!

    A few Digimon X2 related updates!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    It's the 33rd MonMon Memo!

    They point out that it being such an important day is why the pre-order date for the Digimon X2 was chosen.

    They want to know if you know what it is? June 26th (the day it is in Japan) is the 22nd anniversary of the original Digimon V-Pet release! They congratulate Digimon! To celebrate such an important day, they opened pre-orders for the new V-Pet today!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The main theme of the Digimon X2 is 'The Seven Great Demon Lords Attack!' The Dark Area and the old Digital World are the stage for this new adventure. The Demon Lords achieve X-Evolution one after another. This is the second release for the Digital Monster X series, where you can see the frightening events from the point of view of evil.

    In addition to Beelzebumon who appeared in the previous Black and White release, the remaining six Seven Great Demon Lords gather in different circumstances.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    A spectacular side by side appearance. They look bad... but cool.

    Originally they were created with the Seven Deadly Sins as a motif for each Demon King. By gaining X-Evolution, a magic circle appears on each character design. You can call these marks crowns.

    With the addition of a crown to Beelzebumon X this time, in addition to the freshness of the whole team, it feels like the whole of the Demon Lords will be enhanced (They aren't teaming up at all... but...)

    Kenji Watanabe, As'Maria, Moriyama Soh, Nakano Haito drew the X forms of these popular Digimon, the Seven Great Demon Lords.

    The next MonMon Memo will introduce the character lineup of the X2.

    There are also things they hope to touch on that couldn't be mentioned on the product page... such as some secrets to the lineup...

    They end by saying seeya next time!

    Then we have...

    A preview video for the Digimon X2 featuring Pinch Hitter Kumagaya and Victory Uchida.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    They show off various elements of the upcoming V-Pet, along with showing off early versions of the art for some of the X Digimon featured in the new V-Pet

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Interestingly the only one that looks wildly different is Lucemon.

    And last up, reference book updates!

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    It's a massive reference book update today with Digimon X2 content!

    Update- Added translations of the 'non' Demon Lord profiles thanks to garm. Demon Lords will follow later, the others were given priority since we had no info on them.

    Update- Added in higher resolution art of Impmon X.

    Update- Another profile from garm, plus a few from Wikimon.

    Impmon X
    Child/Small Devil/Virus
    *The effect on Impmon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
    It grew confident in its own strength after obtaining the X-Antibody, causing it to start acting aloof. It wears an eyepatch and a scarf, believing that they contribute to its aloof aura; removing its eyepatch will allow it to unleash its true power...which is what Impmon assumes, though that does not appear to have any actual effect on the strength of its techniques. Its Special Move is summoning flame and ice elementals to chase the opponent persistently (Summon Chaser). It can be used not just for attacking, but for pranks as well.
    Ophanimon Falldown Mode X
    Ultimate/Fallen Angel/Vaccine
    *The effect on Ofanimon: Falldown Mode's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
    It better equipped itself to take on multiple enemies at once, such as by turning its "Flame Hellscythe" into a giant scythe engulfed in flames on both ends. Of note are the three "Behead Slashers" floating around it that help defend it against enemy attacks, as well as pursue the enemy and slice them apart. Not only that, their attack power rises significantly when they are enveloped in flames. Having gained the power to take on an entire army, it continues its extermination of the neverending threats to justice alone.
    Cheribumon (Vice) X
    *The effect on Cherubimon (Vice)'s Digicore due to the X-Antibody
    Endless dark energy has accumulated in its abdomen, and it has learnt the art of manipulating darkness. Its Signature Move is is expanding its globe of darkness, eternally trapping the consciousness of anyone who comes into contact with it in darkness (Darkness Prison). Having been banished from its position as one of the Three Great Angels, it is filled with envy from losing the ultimate "Virtue" and hatred towards the world for causing its fall to this state.
    DarkTyanomon X
    *The effect on Dark Tyranomon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
    The X-Antibody has bestowed upon it the composure to control its own abilities, as well as the determination and strength to survive its battles. It is now able to harden a portion of its flesh and even produce green flames by manipulating the virus within its body.
    Its Special Move is gripping the opponent in its claws and causing green flames to erupt from them, burning the opponent (Flame Snatch).
    DarkKnightmon X
    Ultimate/Dark Knight/Virus
    *The effect on Dark Knightmon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
    An increase in the power it possessed as a single Digimon caused it to reach the Ultimate level, resulting in this form. Its evil intentions have been amplified, and it now aims not only for the world but even for a place among the Seven Great Demon Lords. Its Special Moves are crushing the opponent's limbs with a tornado created by its "Vortex Spear" (Cruel Tornado), and fusing its shoulder blade and spear together to form the "Cyclone Deathscythe", which it uses to split the opponent apart with a cross-slash (Deadly Break Lost).
    Demon X
    Ultimate/Demon Lord/Virus
    As a result of the "Crown of Wrath" manifesting over its head due to it taking in the X-Antibody, Demon started to become more powerful as its anger grew. It is said that when that anger exceeds its limit, power surpassing even that of Super Ultimate Digimon bursts forth. Its Special Moves are firing supergravity lasers from both of its shoulders and part of its abdomen, erasing the entire surrounding area and reducing it to ash (Seventh Graviton), and a finishing secret technique where it transforms into a blazing demon god that envelops its body in its Flame Inferno (Inferno Burst). It would be difficult for even the Royal Knights to stop Demon once it has turned into a blazing demon god with the Crown of Wrath bursting into red-hot flames.
    Numemon X
    *The effect on Numemon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
    The grime on its body turn into tiny Numemon, which then fall off and float around the main body. Although it goes around flaunting the X-Antibody it holds in its mouth, it is so covered in drool that not a single Digimon would even think of stealing it. Its Special Move is throwing a barrage of poop together with its tiny Numemon all at once (Unchi Rush [Poop Rush]). Despite its appearance, however, it is actually a caring Digimon; it hides a courageous side and will stand against even formidable opponents for the sake of protecting its friends.

    Barbamon X
    Ultimate/Demon Lord/Virus
    It fused its demonic staff Death Lure with its right arm to link directly to its magic, and now controls its techniques more skillfully. Its Special Move is transforming the enemy's Digicore that it scoops out using its left arm into a jewel with the Crown of Greed (Seventh Jewelrize). Because the jewels shine more the stronger a Digimon is, it assesses whether they are worth fighting. The radiance of the Crown of Greed manifesting from its right hand is proof of its strength, and is its cherished collection.
    Belphemon X
    Ultimate/Demon Lord/Virus
    Its destructive impulses have intensified and instincts have sharpened; it will utterly and completely crush those it seeks to destroy. It will first aim for and brutally pulverize the Digimon acting as the beacon of hope for the opposing army, crushing the hopeful hearts of the entire enemy faction. It then continues pounding on the opposing army, which has lost its will to fight, until it is satisfied and has laid waste to the army. Its Special Move is causing its Crown of Sloth to overflow with power, and firing a crimson energy wave from its claws at maximum output (Seventh Penetrate).
    Leviamon X
    Ultimate/Demon Lord/Virus
    Wing-arms grow from its back, and it gained the ability to fly by spurting out excess energy. Land, sea, and sky have become feeding grounds for Leviamon where it will try to devour everything. Its Special Moves are skewering the enemy with its tentacle-shaped tails all at once (Cauda Mortifera), and crunching them with its three split jaws (Rostrum Tridens). Also, when the envy energy contained within Leviamon reaches its peak and the Crown of Envy shines, it unleashes extremely powerful lightning from its three horns (Seventh Lightning), and is said to sink continents into the ocean.
    Lucemon X
    Ultimate/Demon Lord/Virus
    Although it is a Demon Lord-type, the way in which its six pairs of golden wings shine is divine as if it were an Angel-type. Not only does its appearance far surpass that of the old Lucemon, but also its power and intellect, and has sublimated into the perfect being that transcends even God. Having gained the ultimate wisdom and power to do absolutely anything at will, Lucemon reigns in the Digital World as an incarnation of destruction and creation.
    Its Special Move is arranging ten super-heated spheres of light in a cruciform syzygy and firing its light of annihilation (Seventh Divine Cruz). Digimon that suffer and die from this technique are said to have their Digicores absorbed into the Crown of Pride and transform into the flesh and blood of Lucemon.
    Lilithmon X
    Ultimate/Demon Lord/Virus
    Having X-evolved because of its obsession for beauty, Lilithmon obtained a youthful, bewitching body. It is said that its appearance captivates everyone who sees it, instantly turning them into its puppets. Upon acquiring ultimate beauty, Lilithmon became a luscious, baleful goddess of death due to its tolerant broad-mindedness. Its Special Move is drawing out power from the Crown of Lust to control others over a vast range (Seventh Fascinate). Digimon that have turned into its puppets have power drawn out beyond their limits, leading to their death after being controlled. Lilithmon itself watches with pleasure as their lights shine and fade away in their last moments.

    A bunch of great stuff to look over today!

    Previous MonMon Memos have included:
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    CSA Digivice 1999 Details
    RagnaLordmon and Finalized Wave 2 20th Pendulum Packaging
    Pendulum Art Book Preview- Twitter, Armor Evos, Omegamon, Chronicle
    Digimon in 2nd Wave of 20th Anniversary Pendulums & Art Book Preview
    Digital Monster X and X-Antibody Teasers
    Digital Monster X Booklet Details
    Digital Monster X Digimon Info & CSA Digivice 1999 Booklet Details
    Digital Monster X Map System Info
    Digital Monster X Battle System Info
    New X-Antibody (Finalized Diablomon X & Sakuyamon X) Digimon Artwork
    Digital Monster X Training & Raising Features
    The Digimon Lineup for the Digital Monster X & More Reveals
    Digital Monster X Summary & Preview from MonMon Memo, plus more Digimon intros!
    Digital Monster X Evolution Conditions from MonMon Memo!
    The Movements of the Seven Great Demon Lords from MonMon Memo
    Data from announcement of Digital Monster X Version 2!
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    I'd really love a new artbook of all the concept arts for the new X-Antibody Digimon, in the same style as the artbooks for the ver.20th and Pendulum ver.20th.

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    I kinda like that Lucemon concept, but I get why they wanted perhaps a more unified "evil" appearance since they're downplaying the duality aspect.

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    Holy Moly the Seven Great Demon Lords X antibodies are freaking strong I also find it kind of funny how Demon found a super easy and better shortcut to this original goal that not only he rivals the Super Ultimate level but if he gets angry enough he can even surpass it.
    I feel like at least 2 Knights will be needed depending on who they are.

    I at least hope these new X forms at least make a appearance somewhere in the series especially Leviamon X he looks the most intimidating out of all of them and i just love it.

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    Lucemon X looks kinda like Heaven Ascension Dio:

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    Is that one concept art in the video for Gankoomon X?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deep Saver View Post
    Is that one concept art in the video for Gankoomon X?
    The one in the middle? Its Beelzebumon X

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    Oh man, tonight was a crazy night
    I'll work to see that justice will be fully served, meow~!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazuma View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Deep Saver View Post
    Is that one concept art in the video for Gankoomon X?
    The one in the middle? Its Beelzebumon X
    Oops. Totally failed to make that connection.

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    Demon X's incomplete art does look good. Lilithmon X's standing pose, she is really too beautiful even with purple skin but what about the beauty mole?

    Lucemon X's concept art is really similar to Mastemon's concept art in some ways lol but it's lacking X crystals...

    So Impmon X's eyes are now heterochromia? How rare! Really extreme rare.

    More concept arts plz

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