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Thread: New MonMon Memo, Digimon X2 Preview Video, & Reference Book Updates!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DATS24 View Post
    yes, but jumping two stages isn't anything wrong since there's thing called warp evolution.
    By that logic, Lucemon FM going up one level also isn’t a problem since regular evolution exists. Mode changes usually don’t change levels except in Lucemon’s case, so another type of evolution that doesn’t usually increase levels increasing the level of his X variant should not be entirely surprising, when his line literally consists of similar exceptions.

    Quote Originally Posted by DATS24 View Post
    What's the problem with Mode Change if Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (yeah a mode change) is considered super ultimate than the ultimate only fighter mode? Remember Crimson Mode? Blast Mode?
    The comparison doesn’t work because “Super Ultimates” are still Ultimates, meaning none of the Digimon you listed actually changed their level. This concept has been explained multiple times, especially in the context of the profile lore… even the official charts for the V-pets include no separate classification for Super Ultimate, as they still fall under the Ultimate category.

    Quote Originally Posted by DATS24 View Post
    eh, not really. Ophanimon FM is not a variant of Ophanimon, it's an evolution as well, a dark evolution, just like BlackSeraphimon or ShineGreymon Ruin Mode.
    What? It’s not a variant of its original species because it’s similar to two other Digimon that are very clearly variants of their original species? How a Digimon evolves into something doesn’t really matter for a distinction between species. Agumon could warp evolve into Ruin mode and it wouldn’t make Ruin Mode anything less of an ShineGreymon Burst Mode variant.

    Quote Originally Posted by DATS24 View Post
    I really hate the new Bandai's creative team for digimon
    And what leads you to believe that the current lore is written by different people and when and why would you suggest this changeover has taken place?
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    Quote Originally Posted by YongYoKyo View Post
    Your reasonings have a lot of unfair double-standards and/or contradictions.

    Regardless of whether a Digimon evolves to Rage Mode or Sleep Mode, it is always expected to have the other mode too. You can't have one without the other. Likewise, Lucemon doesn't have a non-Falldown Mode Perfect. A Perfect-level Lucemon will always be Lucemon FM.
    rage mode is a jogress in next order
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    rage mode is a jogress in next order
    You know what I meant. I meant it in a narrative sense, like how Omegamon is always a Jogress of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon; even though several media have depicted Omegamon evolving from a completely different pair of Digimon, evolving straight from WarGreymon without Jogressing, etc.
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    I just got back from work and it's 2am so I'll continue the Demon Lords tomorrow...I'll throw these up for now:

    Impmon X-Antibody
    Child/Small Devil/Virus
    X抗体を獲得したことで自身の強さに自信を持ち、孤高の存在を気取るようになった。眼帯とマフラーは孤高た る表れと本人が思って付けていて、眼帯を外したとき真の力が発揮されると本人は思っている…が、特に技が強 くなるといった変化はないようだ。必殺技は、召喚した炎と氷のエレメンタルに相手を執拗に追わせる『サモン チェイサー』。攻撃だけではなくドッキリなどに利用できる。
    *The effect on Impmon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
    It grew confident in its own strength after obtaining the X-Antibody, causing it to start acting aloof. It wears an eyepatch and a scarf, believing that they contribute to its aloof aura; removing its eyepatch will allow it to unleash its true power...which is what Impmon assumes, though that does not appear to have any actual effect on the strength of its techniques. Its Special Move is summoning flame and ice elementals to chase the opponent persistently (Summon Chaser). It can be used not just for attacking, but for pranks as well.

    Ofanimon: Falldown Mode X-Antibody
    Ultimate/Fallen Angel/Vaccine
    複数体を相手にできるよう『フレイムヘルサイズ』が両側に炎を纏う大鎌となるなど武装が増した。なかでも周 囲に浮かぶ3つの『ビヘッドスラッシャー』は敵の攻撃を防いだり、敵を追尾して切り刻む。さらに炎を纏わせ れば攻撃力が飛躍する。一騎当千の力を得て、一向に減らない正義の弊害を自身だけで駆逐する。
    *The effect on Ofanimon: Falldown Mode's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
    It better equipped itself to take on multiple enemies at once, such as by turning its "Flame Hellscythe" into a giant scythe engulfed in flames on both ends. Of note are the three "Behead Slashers" floating around it that help defend it against enemy attacks, as well as pursue the enemy and slice them apart. Not only that, their attack power rises significantly when they are enveloped in flames. Having gained the power to take on an entire army, it continues its extermination of the neverending threats to justice alone.

    Cherubimon (Vice) X-Antibody
    腹部に無限の闇エネルギーを蓄積し、闇を操る術を身につけた。暗黒球を膨張させ、触れた者の意識を闇の中に 永久に閉じ込める『ダークネスプリズン』が得意技だ。三大天使からの転落により、究極の善を手放してしまっ たことへの嫉妬心が増し、自身を堕とした世界を憎んでいる。
    *The effect on Cherubimon (Vice)'s Digicore due to the X-Antibody
    Endless dark energy has accumulated in its abdomen, and it has learnt the art of manipulating darkness. Its Signature Move is is expanding its globe of darkness, eternally trapping the consciousness of anyone who comes into contact with it in darkness (Darkness Prison). Having been banished from its position as one of the Three Great Angels, it is filled with envy from losing the ultimate "Virtue" and hatred towards the world for causing its fall to this state.

    Dark Tyranomon X-Antibody
    X抗体により力をコントロールする冷静さをもたらし、したたかに戦いを生き抜く器量が備わった。体内のウィ ルスを操作することで、肉体の一部を硬質化し緑色の炎を発することも出来るようになった。
    *The effect on Dark Tyranomon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
    The X-Antibody has bestowed upon it the composure to control its own abilities, as well as the determination and strength to survive its battles. It is now able to harden a portion of its flesh and even produce green flames by manipulating the virus within its body.
    Its Special Move is gripping the opponent in its claws and causing green flames to erupt from them, burning the opponent (Flame Snatch).

    Dark Knightmon X-Antibody
    Ultimate/Dark Knight/Virus
    より一体のデジモンとしての力量が跳ね上がり究極体となった姿。悪の感情も増幅し世界を、さらには七大魔王 の座すらも狙う。必殺技は「ヴォルテックスピア」から放つ竜巻で相手の四肢を潰す『クルーエルトルネード』 と、ショルダーブレードとスピアを融合させた「サイクロンデスサイズ」を振るい、X字の斬撃で敵を割断する 『デッドリーブレイクロスト』。
    *The effect on Dark Knightmon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
    An increase in the power it possessed as a single Digimon caused it to reach the Ultimate level, resulting in this form. Its evil intentions have been amplified, and it now aims not only for the world but even for a place among the Seven Great Demon Lords. Its Special Moves are crushing the opponent's limbs with a tornado created by its "Vortex Spear" (Cruel Tornado), and fusing its shoulder blade and spear together to form the "Cyclone Deathscythe", which it uses to split the opponent apart with a cross-slash (Deadly Break Lost).

    Numemon X-Antibody
    体から垢が小さいヌメモンとなってこぼれ落ち、自身の周りに漂っている。X抗体を口の中から見せびらかすが 、ヨダレまみれで奪おうと思うデジモンはいない。必殺技は小さいヌメモンと一斉にウンチを投げまくる『ウン チラッシュ』。しかし見た目に反して友達想いで、友達を守るため強い相手にも立ち向かう勇気を 潜めている。
    *The effect on Numemon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
    The grime on its body turn into tiny Numemon, which then fall off and float around the main body. Although it goes around flaunting the X-Antibody it holds in its mouth, it is so covered in drool that not a single Digimon would even think of stealing it. Its Special Move is throwing a barrage of poop together with its tiny Numemon all at once (Unchi Rush [Poop Rush]). Despite its appearance, however, it is actually a caring Digimon; it hides a courageous side and will stand against even formidable opponents for the sake of protecting its friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garmmon View Post
    You are truly a blessing for the fandom Garm! Thank you so much :3 I was trying to figure out what DarkKnightmon X's profile says for two days.

    Some interesting tidbits. Impmon X is still a mischievous kid with a more baddass look. Ofanimon FM X & Cherubimon (Vice) X looks like a natural progression for both of them, same with DarkTyranomon X which makes me think of RustTyranomon. I guess the X-Antibody is what DarkKnightmon needed back then in order to defeat Bagramon for good. Also loving that he's looking for his place on the SGDL. About Numemon X, it is so hugeable! I guess it implies many Digimon would rather die in the Old Digital World before put their hands on Numemon's bouche LOL

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    lololol Impmon X's profile. Its eyepatch is just only his imagination to look badass and lone wolf.

    Oh good. No lightning related things for Cherubimon X but darkness prison? How scary. Weird it didn't explain his Persona-like puppet appearance...

    Ofanimon Falldown Mode X's extra wheels reminds me of... Skeleton wheels. Plus to handle the entire armies like that. What badass!

    Interestingly DarkKnightmon is Xros evolved of two Digimon ones yet this profile said it's a "single" digimon so weird. I'm sure Xros evolved ones tend to have multiple digimon speaking at once on their bodies right?

    Numemon X knows Angler fish tactics to bait! RUN!

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    Updated with the translations of the non-Demon Lords thanks to garm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zennistrad View Post
    Lucemon X looks kinda like Heaven Ascension Dio:
    That might be part way why I thought it was perfect for him. That and it's exactly what he would do.

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    Thanks for the translations!
    My English is Sukamon​, I Nume Nume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparrow Hawk View Post
    Interestingly DarkKnightmon is Xros evolved of two Digimon ones yet this profile said it's a "single" digimon so weird. I'm sure Xros evolved ones tend to have multiple digimon speaking at once on their bodies right?
    At least in Xros Wars, DeadlyAxemon was always submissive in the xros, the personality was all SkullKnightmon's. Perheaps the X-Antibody fused their digicores, making them a true singular entity?

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