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Thread: Digital Monster X Version 2 Images, Info, and Pre-Order Details! Plus New Digimon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mendaciloquence View Post
    Hi, so, I don't really understand the whole antibody thing, but I love digimon virtual pets. Can anybody tell me if this includes the digimon from the previous release? I wasn't able to get the first X version (tho if anyone knows a cheap listing for them it would be much appreciated) and I can't really figure it out despite having read a LOT about this one. Also if anyone's looking, Japan You Want has preorders still open for the X ver 2.
    theyre mostly a different set of digimon, you can see the lists of whos in which version here:



    so for the most part, the answer is no.

    as for X antibody, the simpliest way to explain is that theyre redesigned versions of existing digimon (though some X digimon dont have original forms, such as alphamon)
    Thank you so much for the lists!

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    so far i have collected all five 20th anniversary digivice being

    1) red/brown
    2) black
    3) silver blue pendulu
    4) black pendulu
    5) black X

    what should my new X version 2 be? red or purple
    i feel like going with red. i don't wanna crash too much similiar digimon

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    Quote Originally Posted by mars87 View Post
    what should my new X version 2 be? red or purple
    If you're only buying one, pick whichever one has the lineup that most appeals to you and go with that.

    I'm boring and I like the Greymons best, so I'll probably just get the red version. It also helps that red is my favourite colour.

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    Pre-order url has changed. All pre-orders from here forward will ship in December.
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