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Thread: Digital Monster X Version 2 Images, Info, and Pre-Order Details! Plus New Digimon!

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    😳😱🤣 This is looking really, really nice!! I've been wondering if they might do a third version to round out the story, not unlike how they did the original Pendulum X (not to mention the Pendulum Progress).

    "At last we will reveal ourselves to the Virus Busters. At last we will have revenge."
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    Wait Duskmon, Velgrmon, Mephismon X, Raihimon, Bagramon, DarknessBagramon...? Transparent cases too?

    I'm officially Sold!!

    -No Dracumon -> Sangloupmon -> Matadrmon -> GrandDracumon whatsoever.
    -Ofanimon FM X instead of Ofanimon X.
    -Cherubimon (Vice) X but not BlackSeraphimon X.
    -BlackTyranomon X instead of Greymon (Virus) X.
    -Duskmon as a Child, Velgrmon as an Adult.
    -DarkKnightmon X as an Ultimate, Lucemon FM X as a Super Ultimate.
    -Lilithmon X in Red, but not in Purple.

    That was choices.

    On the other hand, I guess Gankoomon X & Examen X will come along in the Ver. 3 (hopefully the one dedicated for the Olympos XII).

    I knew DarkKnightmon X & Leviamon X screamed As'maria so badly. Daemon X coming from Soh Moriyama doesn't surprise me at all.

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    Wow! I really knew they supposed to reveal the next new ones on the lower level forms just because of the previous V-pet lists showed Renamon X and others!
    We really should support often on buying V-pets to get more new X forms in the future.

    DarkTyranomon X was drawn by that same artist who drew Belphemon X and others? Their artstyle looked so different I guess that Moriyama Soh can do multiple artworks at once. Impressive.

    Numemon X: WUT?!! Spawns mini versions of itself?! And the eyes's sticks shaped like "X"... How does this anatomy works like that?!

    Impmon X: Wow edgier with eyepatch. He is now chuunibyou but nice gloves and epic belt.

    So WE DO GET OFANIMON FALLDOWN MODE X! SWEET! So we will have ArchAngels X soon!

    Cheribumon Vice X mimics Persona monster style? Sadly it kinda lost the creepiness vibe but at the same time it gives off different unsettling vibes of Silent Hill/Persona combined.

    Sweet X forms!

    EDITED: My bad. The artist of DarkTyranomon X and Demon X, those artstyle seems mismatch completely. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deep Saver View Post
    I'm really confused by GigaSeadramon X-Antibody. Isn't GigaSeadramon already an X-Antibody Digimon?
    Exactly all the other native X antibody digi's are listed properly. Maybe they meant Metalseadramon X? i mean i know technically that's what Giga is but doesn't mean they can't make an alternate variant. The idea of doubling up on an X antibody seems lazy... maybe they retcon'd him? I do think it may of been a typo or someone who didn't know any better as they were typing the charts up. Seadramon(X) Megaseadramon(X) Naturally you'd tihnk the next one would have (X) as well.
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    That is a lot of X Digimon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deep Saver View Post
    I'm really confused by GigaSeadramon X-Antibody. Isn't GigaSeadramon already an X-Antibody Digimon?
    Maybe the original isn't an X form? I mean, I know the wikis state they are, but their reasoning seems to be "they were in the original X-antibody V-Pet, so must be X forms themselves". which apparently doesn't carry over to Herissmon, Sistermon etc in these new ones. its ntirely possible none of those "natural carries" such as tigervespamon and whoever are are actually carries, and people have assumed for 15 years.

    or a typo, but I guess we'll see when they get round to making art for this "GigaSeadramon X", or if they post the normal version artwork.

    edit: looks like the card game identifies GSmon as a X form, so I guess we'll see if it's a typo or not, of if an X form gets an X form.
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    What? Vamdemon X and Mephismon X?
    I'll work to see that justice will be fully served, meow~!

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    Giga Seadramon X is almost definitely an oversight. I can tell you right now, Bandai is notorious for making mistakes on their official documentation (there were 4+ that I found in the Evolution requirements for the DMX they released), so this is likely just another mistake.

    I'm VERY happy that we have Bug and Aquatic representation! That was severely missing from the DMX1, and those are my favorite types of Digimon. Definitely looking forward to raising Grandis Kuwagamon and Giga Seadramon. Also glad that Ultimate Brachimon and Dino Rexmon made it in, a lot of great choices here!
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    The blocked out digimons are Rasenmon GM and 'true' rasenmon aren't they?

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    I find it interesting and a bit odd that we now have some corrupt angels with the X-antibody, but not a single normal angel. I wonder if there's a reason.

    Oh, and this is actually Kiimon's first appearance outside of an artbook ever​. Way to go, little guy! Now we need some love for Ketomon and Hopmon...
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