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Thread: Story of Digimon World Digital Card Battle

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    Story of Digimon World Digital Card Battle

    Hello. I was watching several Japanese streamers on YouTube playing these game, and they were kind enough to read the text of story dialogues, so I think I got the story almost completely.I"ll divide the story into mini-arc and events are not necessarily in the exact order. As you guess there will be MASSIVE SPOILERS, so read at your own risk. I"ll try not to be overtly extensive.

    The world of this game is apparently in some parallel world of Digimon World.So, at the very beginning, Babamon contacts you (player), and gives you the matrix of the "Legendary Hero" which is DW protagonist, and summons you to File Island, Village of Beginnings(File City). She tells you about mysterious Bug card which appeared in Ancient Dino Region,and is causing chaos across the File Island (pretty much the same symptoms from DW) and sends you on a mission to retrieve the powerful Sevens cards, each being held by certain Card Leaders.By the help of Andromon,it is discovered that Bug card is located on Mt. Infinity and Sevens cards are necessary to enter it. Babamon gives you,along with your starter deck,a Digivice which is so called "Proof of Hero" (which seemingly has no real purpose other than being proof of your credibility) and Babamon's friend Betamon teaches you basics of Card Battle. After that you embark on a long (and rather bizarre) journey.

    First, at Native Forest,you duel with some wild digimon who give you various pointers, but then you cannot go any further because Gabumon, in charge of DigiBridge is gone. You go to Drill Tunnel and find that two suspicious Drimogemons kidnapped Gabumon. You defeat them and free Gabumon who activates DigiBridge.In this part,we also see the conflict between Meramon and Unimon (who is on Mt.Panorama) who are accusing each other for the instability of area.Also,you help Meramon to regain his power by giving him the oil from Tankmon, who appeared there. Then both parties realize that neither of them is to blame,and that the problem is deeper. Meramon also warns you about Vamdemon,who started acting strange.There i also a gang of Goburimon that blocks your path,and you must beat them.


    After fighting underlings of Card Leader Brachimon, you arrive at him, in Ancient Dino Region.He says that Vamdemon is causing troubles in the area,and that Vamdemons servant Vermillimon has gone missing.At the Overdeel,Vamdemon appears to be normal,until you show him the fake Bug card from Etemon(which he thinks is real),he gives you Dark Sevens card and goes to Babamon in File City.He accuses her of stealing his dear love from him,and attempts to destroy File City with fake Bug card. When he fails, you defeat him in Card Battle and suddenly Rosemon appears,which is Vamdemons darling, makes Vamdemon leave the City and dissapears.Brachimon then give you Grand Sevens card.Also it turned out that Monochromon from Great Canyon card shop is actually Vermillimon ,who escaped and camouflaged after Vamdemon started rampaging.


    Hero arrives at the Great Canyon to Card Leader Hououmon(Phoenixmon) where she asks him to rescue her underling,which is held captive by Card Leader Angemon.She takes you to Freezeland in Ice Sanctuary, where Angemon informs you that his Great Angel Statue has been stolen,and Birdramon is a suspect. In iceberg area, Whamon informs you that he heard statue being carried by a gang of Digimon,which are who other than Ogremon and his Agumon bandits.You fight them,return the statue,Angemon releases Birdramon,and you fight the two Card Leaders to attain Holy and Speed Sevens.


    This is a long one.You arrive at Gear Savanna to Card Leader Panjyamon ,who tells you that toilets are being destroyed and that you need to bring him 100 rolls of toilet paper.His first suspects are a gang of Agumon led by notorious Führer Agumon.After fighting him,he points you to Factorial Town,where is the factory to make toilet paper.He arrives there with the help of Coelamon after he recovers from his wounds.Then he arrives at the factory,he finds there Etemon and Fugamon which make faux cards.It is revealed when Betamon finds fake MetalGreymon made by Etemon.After fight,Etemon tells you that for making toilet paper you need a lot of paper tree.Inside Trash Mountain,Card Leader KingSukamon also asks him for 100 rolls of toilet paper and Numemon directs him to Geko Swamp because of the unusual smell.That turns out to be smell of alcoholic Sake,which Gekomon are massively drinking because their Kingdom fell apart when their leader TonosamaGekomon left.After seeing his photo,you recognise him as mysterious Digimon lying at Tropical Jungle beach.After a fight To return to his people and restore order.He the points you to Misty Trees to search for trees to make toilet paper.There,after Shellmon points you the exact way,you find paper tree but Kokatorimon wont give them to you.So you cardfight some sense into him,and he finally gives you your paper trees.After talking with old and wise Card Leader Jyureimon,who protects the forest from Bug card effect,and tells you to return when you have collected all the other Sevens cards.You them return to Etemon,who makes you 100 rolls of toilet paper from paper tree.You then take them to KingSukamon ,but it turns out to be a set-up,and KingSukamon reveals that he and his Sukamon have been breaking toilets to create Poop Paradise. Then you beat him, he returns your toilet paper and gives you Reverse Sevens card.After quick visit to Drill Tunnel,you return to Panjyamon , give him the toilet paper and fight him ,and obtain Wild Sevens card.Then return to Jyureimon who gives you final,Misty Sevens card.


    You return to File City,where you finally set of to Mt. Infinity,together with Babamon and Betamon. After the keeper of the entrance Airdramon lets you in without a fight,as you go up,you must fight guardians WaruSeadramon ,and Gigadramon,before reaching the final floor.There,Mugendramon awaits.But he seems to not know about Bug card and chaos on File Island. You then fight Mugendramon.After a fight he notes that his regular deck was replaced with dangerous super powerful deck. Then,Betamon notices the same card he found recently at Ancient Dino Region and picks it up.It was a Bug card. Betamon says that when he originally found it,it was mysteriously blown by the wind and appereantly attached itself to the main control system of the island.Then,suddenly,Babamon tranforms to Rosemon appears,and before she can explain explosion begins to happen.Hero,Betamon,and Rosemon run away, while Mugendramon holds the explosion himself and survives.After all of them return,Rosemon admits that it is her true identity,and Babamon is form corrupted by Bug card.Although mad at Betamon for picking up Bug card,she forgive him and deletes Bug card.She gives you Downloader card which you use to return to the Real World and also to go to Digital World whenever you want (and also use it in Card Battle).

    And thats it.There are also many smaller quests,like meeting with quirky Patamon,and Igamon searching for him, going to Beetle Land pretty much like in DW... There is also Vamdemon from this game that returned in the Digital Card Arena,along with his subordinates.Also,it is possible that Babamon from Arena is the same,as it turns out that the security program took her Rosemon matrix to communicate with the player.

    Anyways,thats what I think.I hope I got right.
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