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Thread: Seven Great Demon Lords Titles

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    Seven Great Demon Lords Titles

    In the Wikimon page for the 7 Demon Lords (https://wikimon.net/Seven_Great_Demon_Lords) each of them have a "title", like Leviamon is Abyss of Dispair, Belphemon is Roar of Awakening and it goes on, but the page does not source them in the profiles, and the individual page doesn't seem to cite them. I am not sure if anywhere else in the page mentions it, as when I Ctrl+F "title" it gives only 7 results. What is the source of these titles?

    (Also about Wikimon, but I didn't wanted to create a thread just for that, but shouldn't categories update automatically when you put a new page under a category? New Digimon from 2018 and 2019 are not showing up in some categories, like the level based ones)

    Thanks in advance

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    The titles are from Digimon Collectors, where the SGDL (including Ogudomon) had some story significance.

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