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Thread: Digimon Chronicle Update- Chapter 9!

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    I still say this is perfect for Lucemon. It's exactly what he would do. So far, there's been a lot of great designs.

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    Demon and Belphemon look OK. Not bad but definitely the weakest IMO. But I really like what they did with the others. Leviamon looks nuts, I like Barbamon's hunched-sorcerer look, and Lucemon and Lilithmon both have stylish spins on their original designs.
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    Whoa just caught up with the previous chapters! This is dope!!! I thought Leviamon and Bephelmon werenít going to get X-Antibodies but they did!!! They look amazing specially Leviamon! I love how over the top he looks! Tri jaws, Tri tail, more spiky, more ferocious, and his seal floating intimidatingly above. Really like Bephelmon too. Oddly looks less Brutish more regal. In a way I think the original represents his berserker state better but I really like this one. Wonder if the X version is more under control and once he goes berserk the bindings break? I also like the seal is more of a core serving as an abdomen. I donít remember from what belief that stems from, but I dig they took inspiration from that.

    Just saw the others and I love their designs too! Specially Lilithmon she looks great but then Dark Knightmon had to go and steal her spotlight! My boy Darknightmon has an X form!!! I wasnít expecting that! Aww man Iím beyond hyped! So going to be preordering them this wednesday!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kintang View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Bartz View Post
    Hm, even after getting a clearer picture I'm still not a fan of Belphemon X's design, it still feels lacking when compared to the original form. On the other hand Leviamon X made good use of the X form, the monstrous vibe it's giving off in the new design is a great evolution of its original form.

    Loving the story so far, the escalation of the Demon Lords' threat has been fun to follow.
    Maybe because how underwhelming Belphemon X is compared to the other SGDL's X form. It's silhouette doesn't give that 'menacing' or 'enraged' feel compared to the original form. And I think it's design is much closer to Demon Super Ultimate from the V-1 Tamer manga. Maybe due to it's pose?
    Yeah, I think that's it. The original form was basically primal rage incarnate, when you look at it everything about him is battle ready and furious, he looks ready to attack and tear things apart just like what his mode name states. This X form lacks all that, the pose is generic, the design feels more generic, and it lacks the same personality that the original form had. It's an ironic case where trying to bring in more details to the design took away from the design then add anything to it and it's easily the worst of the SGDL X-forms.

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