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Thread: Digimon Anime Expo Panel Update- Producer Yosuke Kinoshita Attending

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    Digimon Anime Expo Panel Update- Producer Yosuke Kinoshita Attending

    Another update!

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    This time we get more updates for the Future of Digimon panel at Anime Expo!

    Game Producer Habu Kazumasa previously confirmed he would be attending, and Bandai has now confirmed producer of the 20th Adventure film, Yosuke Kinoshita will also be on hand as a guest!

    I 'think' that English version of the 20th film teaser poster is new? I don't quite recall...

    They've also reiterated there would be unspecified 'new trailers' and prizes given away.

    Hopefully we get some exciting news out of it.

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    Anime Expo 2019 is at the Los Angeles Convention Center July 4th thru 7th with a pre-show night on July 3rd.

    I'll be at the convention, if you spot me say hi!

    Previous details about the panel can be found here and here.
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    Dude. If we get a simuldub of the new film, that would be epic.

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    This panel is gonna be legit. Also give me that Agumon background.

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    I look forward to the news that comes out of this panel.

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