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Thread: Show You My Brave Hearts Vol. 4 this weekend- Updates & Products for Miyazaki Concert

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    Show You My Brave Hearts Vol. 4 this weekend- Updates & Products for Miyazaki Concert

    Almost time for this!

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    Show You My Brave Hearts Volume 4 was announced a few months ago and it's nearly time for it!

    The concert is partially to celebrate Ayumi Miyazaki's 20th Anniversary. While he worked in the industry as a musician for a number of years, 1999 was when his solo career began and he released his first single (which was Brave Heart.)

    We have a number of few updates for the event which is on June 22nd.

    Volume 4 will be a one night event with 2 parts.

    The A (day) part will begin at 2:30pm (doors open at 2pm.) This will be a talk show event and a mini live concert with just Miyazaki.
    The B (night) part will begin at 6:45pm (doors open at 6pm.) This will be a full live show with Miyazaki with a band featuring Imajo (Psychic Lover), Shoichiro Aso, and Mina Takhara.

    Both parts will be held at the Shibuya Rex in Shibuya.

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    It's a smaller, more personal venue than a number of recent events have been.

    Pre-sale tickets have ended, any tickets still available can be bought at the entrance of the venue.

    We also have information for the products that will be on hand to purchase, featuring Stradion, Miyazaki's mascot character designed by Kenji Watanabe.

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    20th Stradion Design Shirt- Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large will be available for 3,500 yen.

    20th Stradion Rubber Keychain- This will be 1,200 yen. We got an early look at this awhile back.

    A Show You My Brave Hearts Bag with strap- This is 1,500 yen.

    And last up is a behind the scenes photo relaxing during rehearsals.

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    Miyazaki comments rehreasals have gone well. He also notes that he gets hungry when he sings.

    He thanks everyone who is coming for looking forward to it.
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    Any ways to get ahold of o e of those Stradion keychains without attending the event?
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    I know this may be kinda stupid to ask, but who the hell is that 'mon that looks like a fusion of Leomon, Etemon, and Devimon riding a guitar?
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    It's not a Digimon, it's a mascot Miyazaki uses.
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