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Thread: August V-Jump- Demon Lords X forms, ReArise Part 1 Climax, New Figure, Tower Records!

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    August V-Jump- Demon Lords X forms, ReArise Part 1 Climax, New Figure, Tower Records!

    V-Jump time!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    It's just about time for the August issue of V-Jump to come out and we have everything early!

    First up, over both pages are images of all 7 X forms of the Seven Great Demon Lords and the new V-Pets. This is a nice way to end a day full of news about them and the new V-Pets. We'll have translations of the text bits soon.

    The first page also mentions that ReArise is going to be finishing Part 1 of it's main story.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    We have the rest of the Demon Lords info..

    Update- Thanks to garm we have translations for the 6 new X forms.

    Leviamon (X-Antibody)
    It has gained the ability to fly, propelled by spouting out energy. The power of its envy is such that it can sink even an entire continent into the ocean.

    Lilithmon (X-Antibody)
    Its obsession with beauty led it to attain this youthful, seductive appearance. It invades the hearts of those captivated by it and turns them into mindless puppets.

    Demon (X-Antibody)
    It grows stronger as its rage builds; once its rage accumulates past its limits, Demon bursts with power that allows it to surpass even that Super-Ultimate Digimon!

    Belphemon (X-Antibody)
    It rampages around, seeking to destroy not only whatever enters its field of vision, but even their hearts. It emits crimson energy that turns all it touches to dust.

    Barbamon (X-Antibody)
    It has powered-up by fusing its demonic staff, Death Lure, with its right arm. It uses its crown [crest?] of greed to turn the Digicores it has captured into treasure.

    Lucemon (X-Antibody)
    Despite being a Demon Lord Digimon, it possesses golden wings like that of an Angel Digimon. Both its strength and intelligence have improved vastly from before, and it runs wild as the avatar of destruction and creation.

    Page 2 also has a few other things of note...

    First up, a new figure! This time it's a new Ultimate Image figure, branded Ultimate Image X, since it's of a popular X-Antibody Digimon, Omegamon X! They used As'Maria's illustration to make a 3d representation, as they've done with other Capsule Mascot figures. The figure will go up for pre-order in June (not that many days left in the month, so soon!)

    We also get an update about the Tower Records Digimon Adventure 20th event. It previews the new artwork, which shows the Adventure partners in band gear playing instruments. The Tower Records Cafe will have a Digimon themed menu and exclusive goods. It begins July 13th and it appears (if I'm making out the text correctly) Seki Hiromi will be there when it opens.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Last up is the social media art corner. It shows off a previously existing image of Agumon, Gabumon, Gaomon, and Savers Agumon eating riceballs on Onigiri Day (June 18th), but Agumon is a bit of a glutton. Update- Updated the description and added a better picture which Soh Moriyama posted to his Twitter.)

    Thanks to akatuki_d30 for the images and onkei for some translated details.

    Update- Thanks to alphamon_ouryuken for bringing some larger shots of the Demon Lords to our attention. We aren't currently sure of who took the images or if the other 2 were done also. I've done some minor editing on some of them, and resizing on all of them, to make them more viewable.

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Update- Some more, better shots, of all 7 thanks to IxLOVExDigiMon.

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)
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    There is a great war between the Demon Lords and the Royal Knights. I can not wait to see more.
    Try my quiz on Sporcle. My name is CuddyFox on it. Have fun with the quizzes. I worked hard on them. I made some of them easier. https://www.sporcle.com/playlists/CuddyFox/digimon-time

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    I'm going digital
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    The gift that keeps on giving. Hope we'll get clearer pictures soon. Most interesting thing is how Leviamon seems to have wings now, and how all of them seems to incorporate their Sin Crests in their designs. Beelzemon X is an exception, but it's incorporated into his special attack.

    Also, is that silhouette on the bottom of the right-hand page possibly Herissmon's regular Mega?

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    Aww, poor Sleep Mode didn't get one. Didn't think they'd all get X forms but there we go I guess lol.

    Tower Records was used in Cyber/Hacker's too, so this is another cross over with them.

    And the silhouette does appear to look like the normal Mega for Herissmon. Maybe we'll get him in the next chapter. No official art of GM? shame lol, last month they teased the evil one, then didn't show us anything the month after. I mean I know we've seen it anyway lol but an official art would've been nice.

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    Not into X-Antibody Digimons, but how many of these X Demon Lords are new? I think that Lucemon is new, but not too sure overall/about the rest.

    Side Question: Was last V-Jump's interview ever translated in full?
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    I'm going digital
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    Quote Originally Posted by Digimon'sDigitalWill View Post
    Not into X-Antibody Digimons, but how many of these X Demon Lords are new? I think that Lucemon is new, but not too sure overall/about the rest.
    All of them except Beelzebumon X are new, so 6.

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    Beelzemon X was part of the original wave of X-Antibodies.
    I'll work to see that justice will be fully served, meow~!

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    Loving the X designs. Some are a little basic (Belphemon, Barbamon), others are totally killer (Daemon, Leviamon). Hopefully Lucemon SL gets one too... and maybe Ogudomon?

    Curious to see what the Ultimate Image X looks like. Haven't even seen the Merciful Mode in person yet, so I probably won't pre-order, but it'll be interesting. (And on the unofficial side, Tungmung's fig is pretty decent).

    Glad X is getting all this love.

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    I come from the net
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    Oh how nice they gave that symbol to Beelzemon X in attack pose.

    Leviamon X now looks even more demonic with... The horns and wings (Dynasmon X vibes) But it seems he is equipped with some kind of the helmet at its nose?

    Belphemon X is kinda disappointing I guess I probably favor the green glowing claws and the beast posing.

    Barbamon X image is way darker. Impossible to tell. But look like getting X antibody broke its spine as if he looks old lol

    Now with full picture of Demon X, I think the reason is why he look less scary because this artstyle almost resembles to V-tamer's artstyle just with X-design traits. But I like how he look.

    I cannot believe how fast the whole SGDL got completed in obtaining X antibodies before Royal Knights! Now to Olympus twelve with x antibodies in... Next few years.

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    I want to cuddle them all.

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