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Thread: August V-Jump- Demon Lords X forms, ReArise Part 1 Climax, New Figure, Tower Records!

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    Leviamon (X-Antibody)
    It has gained the ability to fly, propelled by spouting out energy. The power of its envy is such that it can sink even an entire continent into the ocean.

    Lilithmon (X-Antibody)
    Its obsession with beauty led it to attain this youthful, seductive appearance. It invades the hearts of those captivated by it and turns them into mindless puppets.

    Demon (X-Antibody)
    It grows stronger as its rage builds; once its rage accumulates past its limits, Demon bursts with power that allows it to surpass even that Super-Ultimate Digimon!

    Belphemon (X-Antibody)
    It rampages around, seeking to destroy not only whatever enters its field of vision, but even their hearts. It emits crimson energy that turns all it touches to dust.

    Barbamon (X-Antibody)
    It has powered-up by fusing its demonic staff, Death Lure, with its right arm. It uses its crown [crest?] of greed to turn the Digicores it has captured into treasure.

    Lucemon (X-Antibody)
    Despite being a Demon Lord Digimon, it possesses golden wings like that of an Angel Digimon. Both its strength and intelligence have improved vastly from before, and it runs wild as the avatar of destruction and creation.

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    First impressions:

    Belphemon X isn't really doing it for me, I kind of get where they're going with it but ironically I feel it's a downgrade from the bestial power that the original had.

    Leviamon X got off better, I don't think it needs the wings, but it's OK.

    Lilithmon looks great aside from the heels, the direction they went with her is very fitting for her character.

    Barbamon looks good, I do like how his body gives a more ethereal feel.

    I don't like the cross on Lucemon X's face, but other then that it's fine.

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    Added more images of the 7 from V-Jump.
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    I come from the net
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    Their X Antibody effects sounded like it's really powerful. Barbamon is no longer the demonic magician but now he can transform enemies into treasures magically in Midas style, "Treasure touch". How scary. No wonder his appearance is given "old King" or not?

    So it's not the wings but it's made up of energy and powered by its envy so strong enough to fly? Nice, Leviamon X.

    Ah good, Lucemon X still have the powers of both Destruction and Creation.

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    I come from the net
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    Lucemon: ...Of course that would be him. It's perfect!
    Demon: Yeah... That's him alright. It's perfect.
    Belphmon: That fits very well. Really fitting.
    Big flying crocodeath: ...Yeah sure. Why not.
    Barabamon: ...Was there anywhere else for him to go for this design? It just works.
    Lillithmon: I already said in a different topic.
    And we already saw Mr. BigImp's form before.

    So I guess we'll get the other RK's X forms soon.

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    guess i predicted that pride sin symbol as a halo right with my drawing lol
    aswell as more armor and more gold

    they look good, except Belphemon X, that stomach mouth is just... blergh
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    I come from the net
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    Belphemon X's appearance reminds me of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann mecha, "Gunman" I know it doesn't look that to me but it's just middle body does look like that.

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