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Thread: August V-Jump- Demon Lords X forms, ReArise Part 1 Climax, New Figure, Tower Records!

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    All at once?! Oh Bandai, you are too good to me. Itís a bit hard to make all the details out currently but I can already tell Lilithmon and Leviamon are going to look freaking awesome. So excited to see more!

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    For some reason Barbamon is giving me Skeksis vibes.

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    I definitely need a better look at all of these new X forms but getting a more clear look at Lilithmon, I absolutely love her new design and how her Crest is the pattern on of her butterfly wings

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    If As'Maria is doing the Demon Lord's X-Antibody, we will have better pictures with more detail soon. As'Maria is very good in detailing his artwork on Digimon by going overboard on the design.
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    I come from the net
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    I think As'Maria was doing well with Leviamon X's design with Dynasmon X vibes. Lilithmon X and Barbamon X were probably drawn by Jintrix artist. Demon X and Belphemon X are a bit hard to judge. Due to Demon X's artstyle is so similar to V-tamer artist's unique artstyle who always love to draw the claws and buffed body shapes in the same details.

    Belphemon X isn't enough to judge in such small picture. Lucemon X was obviously drawn by Kenji.

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    They all seem pretty badass. Would like better quality pics of them soon though.
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    Lucemon looks like heís from JOJO
    and i love it, Heaven ascended DIO, I mean lucemon confirmed
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    Updated with better images of a few of the Demon Lords.
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    I come from the net
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    What the Hades?! Leviamon X's jaw split! In Alien style! Cannot tell its bottom part if it's bottom part is octopus or two tails into tentacles?

    So Belphemon X's head isn't tiny but because of that golden jaw armor! Glad it didn't make his head looked so tiny.
    So gangsta chains are still there! Good! Surprised all the bear claws on its shoulders and the kneecaps turned into X armor, usually the armor will always get X designs not Kagemaru's artstyle.


    Mmm Barbamon X sure look like he is the old man king who broke his back. His tengu mask's nose shortened and he look somewhat Egyptian...
    Both of arms are in the design are pretty interesting. No more greedy jewelries to wear but instead of hardcore accessories and unknown digimon skull armor worn...
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    Looking quite Over Heaven there, Lucemon.

    Barbamon looks more like a Lich

    Demon reminds me more of BelialVamdemon than Demon SuperUltimate

    Waiting for a better Lilithmon picture.

    Unconvinced by Leviamon and Belphemon, but, again, need better pic. I wonder if Belphemon will keep his dual modes?

    An interesting design element shared is they all have their Crest

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