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Thread: Producer Habu on Digimon Panel at Anime Expo

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    Producer Habu on Digimon Panel at Anime Expo

    Another surprise this week!

    We knew the Future of Digimon panel at Anime Expo would be presented by both Toei and Bandai, but we have our first confirmed panelist/guest!

    Producer Habu!

    He commented on how high the views for the recent Survive behind the scenes was, and how the vast majority of those were the version with English subtitles.

    And just a few minutes ago he commented that not only were the number of plays of the video good, but that he will like to talk about Digimon Survive at the July 6th Digimon panel at Anime Expo!

    He also comments that if you live in the Los Angeles area, please come and enjoy the panel!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Anime Expo 2019 is at the Los Angeles Convention Center July 4th thru 7th with a pre-show night on July 3rd.

    Previous details about the panel can be found here.
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    Yeah, the video is nearly at 800,000 which is really good. If you compare it to the other videos on Bandai's channel, it's beating out the other videos by hundreds of thousands. It's done really really well. It's Bandai's most viewed video this entire year. (on the US channel at least). It's 500,000 above the new DBZ game announcement, and 600,000 above the new Tales game announcement.

    If only I could go and meet the man himself lol. Everyone be nice to the man, don't scare him away!

    Hope we can get some good info.
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    Red shirt Togetak's Avatar
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    Hopefully the video turnout will give the crew a little more confidence in Survive as a game, i'm excited for some new news so soon after the dev dairy

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    I'm a Maniac AppliFang's Avatar
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    Hope more new news this time ^^

    Hope pics are shared for whomever goes!

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    why is Habu so HECKIN pure? I'm glad he's getting praise on the internet lately as people contrast his ideology and latest works from modern Gamefreak producers, Habu is amazing and deserves recognition

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    Wow you fans from the US are so lucky! Please let him know how beloved is among the Western fandom! I would feel so blessed being able to talk to Habu even of it's just for a few seconds! 😍

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