Fun announcement time!

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A new Digimon exhibition will be opening soon! This one, based on the initial announcement sounds somewhat like a followup to Digimon Adventure The Real World.

Opening July 13th at the Yokohama Landmark Tower will be 'Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary Exhibition in Sky Garden'. It will run through September 1st.

It will take place on the Sky Garden on the 69th floor of the tower, with 4 primary things.

At the entrance they will have photo spots with the eight Chosen Children

Beyond that they plan to have an exhibition corner with materials covering the 20 year history of the Digimon anime, including some that usually aren't displayed, such as products, early proposal documents, and materials used in the making of series, along with the successive series (02, Tamers, Frontier, Savers, Xros Wars, tri., and Applimonsters.)

The Sky Cafe restaurant on site will have an original menu for the collaboration.

Original products will also be made to be sold.

Admission to elements outside of the Sky Garden itself will be free, while things in the Sky Garden venue itself will have an entry fee:
Adults (18 to 64)- 1,000 yen
High School Students and Seniors 65 and over- 800 yen
Elementary and Junior High Students- 500 yen
Todders and those up to 4 years old- 200 yen

More details should show up soon. It'll be interesting to see a new collaboration menu, along with exclusive items!