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Thread: ReArise Teaser in Links

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    ReArise Teaser in Links

    A bit of a small update...

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    With Digimon Links closing soon, and ReArise nearing an unannounced start date in various countries, it's not a huge surprise that Bandai would make sure people playing Links know about ReArise.

    A teaser/announcement has recently shown up in Links to let everyone know ReArise will be showing up soon.

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    In addition, it also links to an official Digimon ReArise page on Facebook that was just opened, which will provide more information in the future.

    Hopefully a release date is announced sooner rather than later.
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    Looking forward to ReArise! Hopefully not as much of a slog as Links.

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    Now to hope for a dub. I'm assuming the game will be out before links dies. They can do then do an announcement in game of links telling them to get RA right now.

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