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Thread: What would you do during a tornado & flash flood?

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    What would you do during a tornado & flash flood?

    Where Iím at, flash flood warnings are becoming more common... and so are tornado warnings. I know what youíre supposed to do for them individually but what happens if they occur simultaneously?

    I looked it up and itís called a TORFF event... but none say what to actually do, only that research is being done on the situation. If even meteorologists arenít sure thatís a bit scary.

    So what would you do faced with that situation? I think Iíd go to the basement as priority, but move up if the water becomes more of a threat.
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    if a flood comes, I will just call out my own Gomamon and have him digivolve to Ikakkumon/Zudomon since he can swim in any waters XD
    as for tornadoes, just get digmon to dig me to an underground room and that's that XD

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    Get out my surfboard!

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    I think i got whiplash from the tonal shift in this thread, first post is actually kind of a harrowing situation to worry about, and then the responses are RP and a joke lmao

    I suppose the thing to do here would be reinforce your basement so there's no risk of water getting in (or at least avoiding it), if at all possible. Some houses have foundations that really don't lend themselves to prepping for this stuff, though. Are there disaster shelters where you live? Those would be the best option, but if you're faced with both a tornado and a flash flood, a crowd of people rushing to a shelter would be a pretty bad spot to find yourself in...

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    This is actually a great subject to google to see what people say. I never really thought about them both happening at the same time, but it does seem incredibly logical that it would happen.

    I wonder if you could get an expert in to assess your lower levels and see if they're flood/tornado... (what's the word I want here) compliant? Lol I don't know if there's a "code" for that sort of thing? Perhaps there's a minimum level of safety you could meet with things in your basement?

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    Well two years ago a hurricane hit Houston and the entire city was flooded, I live a few hours from Houston. Everyone in my town was freaking out that our town was going to flood, because it had been raining nonstop for several days. There were also rumors that we were going to be told to evacuate soon. I packed up a few important things in a large backpack, grabbed my wallet with some cash, and waited to see if we needed to evacuate the city. I was prepared for the worst to say the least.

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