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Thread: How did you play Digimon World Dusk?

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    How did you play Digimon World Dusk?

    So I am replaying Digimon World Dusk but I was wondering to myself, if other people play the game the same way I do. For some reason I always played the game by only utilizing Digimon that belonged to the team I was aligned to, for example when I played Dusk, I only utilized Beast,Dark,Insect/Plant, and Machine Digimon.

    Right Now my team mostly composes of Dark,Beast, and Machine digimon while most of my Insect/Plant Digimon are in the Digital-Farm.

    I'm curious if anyone else played the game similarly?

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    I didn't, I played Dawn lol.

    But I didn't limit myself on who I could use, I just used the three starters, but three extra Digimon I like from the franchise, one of which was Machine type which is a "Dusk" thing.

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    My first run I just picked whatever I could find or thought was cool.

    On replays, I mostly went after a theme or something, so for example a Digimon Tamers run, which meant I could only use the Guilmon to Dukemon line, the Renamon to Sakuyamon line, etc.

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