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Thread: Digimon Survive Interview/Behind the Scenes Video with Producers, Character Designs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Togetak View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Sparrow Hawk View Post
    Oh thanks for that. So three endings. True Ending, Normal Ending and Bad Ending? Cannot imagine what fourth ending will be.
    I imagine it’ll lean more towards a devil survivor set of endings than a binary people die/people don’t die/some people die kind of thing. I think who dies will be part of how you achieve certain endings (I.e obviously the “best” ending won’t be available if you kill the entire cast and are wandering around with a skulking skullgreymon) but I think your in-game choices will be more important than just deciding on character’s lives. As an aside though, is anyone else thinking Floramon and their partner are going to be our “introduction” to the death mechanic? Oftentimes games where choice can lead to character death have a character that dies early on to introduce the mechanics and stakes to the player, and given we don’t seem to have seen them later on in the game and they’re not part of the “main cast” that’s had its artwork placed all around, maybe they’re destined for the grave already
    I've thought the same thing. Their lack of presence in promotional materials just screams they're gonna get killed, haha. Maybe you can save them in New Game + or something.

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    *you save the Floramon girl*
    *she ends up murdering you*
    SON OF A

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    Really excited for this game.

    Not necessarily because people die, because your choices actually have consequences and that you thus need to think it all through.

    Now release Hacker's Memory on the Switch too and I know what I'll be getting for it.

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