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Thread: Small Updates- Producer Habu Interview Soon, Plus Digimon on tubi

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    Small Updates- Producer Habu Interview Soon, Plus Digimon on tubi

    A couple of small updates.

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    Producer Habu mentioned on Twitter that we can expect an interview with him soon.

    He was recently interviewed and filmed for overseas (non-Japanese) usage, talking about Digimon games.

    The interview was about past Digimon games he's been involved with, plus Survive. He asks us to look forward to it's release soon and thanks us. It will also be released in Japan on the same day it's released.

    With people waiting for upcoming news about Survive which will hopefully come soon, along with the bits we've gotten suggesting Hacker's Memory will be coming out on Switch, an interview covering multiple games should hopefully be something to look forward to.

    Plus, the other small update...

    Various Digimon seasons are on tubi.

    It went up awhile ago as far as we know (quite awhile ago I believe), but since I think there was never a news article about it, and a number of people sent it in (due to it being posted on a random clickbait site), it seemed worth going over for those who didn't know.

    Tubi TV has the dubbed versions of Adventure, Adventure 02, Tamers, and Frontier, which can be found here.

    Tubi has also long since has various parts of tri. subtitled but has never gone past adding Part 3. Tubi TV is an ad supported, free, streaming platform with apps on various platforms.

    Thanks to multiple people for the tubi info.

    Update- Thanks to onkei for some help cleaning up the interview details.
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    I come from the net Muur's Avatar
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    Looking forward to the Habumon interview! hoping for some good news! and it's always nice to hear from Habumon, even if it just ends up being mostly about his past in gaming, it'll be interesting to learn more etc.

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    Completely digital
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    praise lord Habumon, but please Survive news. It's as if that Survive is being dormant...

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    I'm going digital Rohan's Avatar
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    I've been alseep on the Digimon franchise for a lil' while. Here's hoping we get some juicy information out of it that'll get me excited again.

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