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Thread: Australian Digimon 20th Anniversary DVD-Box Cover Art

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    Australian Digimon 20th Anniversary DVD-Box Cover Art

    Update for Australia!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    As we found out about a month ago, Madman is going to do a special big Digimon DVD box later this year in Australia!

    It's currently listed on both their 'Business 2 Business' catalog site, along with their more standard consumer facing website, with the title "Digimon: Digital Monsters 20th Anniversary Collection (Season 1-5) "

    The new bit for now is the cover art. The overall theme of all the main characters isn't that different than what collected US and UK boxes did, but adding a bit more focus to each show by having them a bit more separated, with their own logos.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Interesting 02 uses the standard English logo, which it did during it's original run, rather than the revised English logo Toei has been fond of the last few years. Also, the Savers stripe feels a bit spartan only going with the primary leads.

    The design carrying over lines to the spine showing off the 4 logos looks quite nice also.

    The angled shot doesn't make it quite clear how the discs will be stored. It almost appears (looking at the top, towards the other side) it might be some kind of unfolding set, but that might just be based on the render, so we will see.

    The date currently listed is July 10th, 2019 for $200 on 40 DVDs.

    As extras they list "Original Japanese Opening and Closing Songs" but don't specify which and for which shows. The assumption would these are just from the old sets, but some prior sets only list Japanese Openings, some list nothing of the sort, and none list Japanese Closings/Endings. Solicitation data for those may just be incomplete, so we will see what this ends up with...
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    Why no Fusion?

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    Probably no Fusion/Xros Wars because Xros Wars was longer than most digimon series and even had a spinoff.

    That being said, are Japanese audio and subtitles available for this release?

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    It'd be funny if they used the Digimon: Digital Monsters logo for the first four series like they did when they were airing. And then Data Squad is the odd man out.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChaoCobo View Post
    That being said, are Japanese audio and subtitles available for this release?
    I'm going to use my psychic powers and say no.
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    Well, I am super pleased (but also a little apprehensive) because the Mad Man website has listed this at $11.98 AUD and i just ordered it. Fingers crossed they actually deliver!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mugenlazlo View Post
    Why no Fusion?
    Funnily Fusion season 2 didn't even get released here - only season 1, so I'm not sure where the current rights are at for it here.
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