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Thread: Digimon Pendullum Case

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    Talking Digimon Pendullum Case

    I didn't knew where to post this at alll, but since it was related to a v-pet, i thought i could post it here !
    I present to you a project i've been working on ! Since it's my first time messing with 3d modeling, the case's model isn't as pretty... yet it is something !


    I have it set up the .obj and .stl files over at my patreon BUT i need to decide which price should i set AND print it myself to test if it's actually worth it. Meanwhile, what do you guys think and what are your suggestions ?

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    I think it looks pretty cool but umm... I would think it would need more protection than that. It looks like when you slide it in it might fall out somewhat or scratch the front when you drop it. I'd maybe put another claw-like piece of plastic on the left side. Just something that wraps around it for good measure. Your purpose is to keep the pets safe rather than look cool, isn't it? Because although it does look cool right now it looks like it needs more protection.
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    Hey just wondering is there any update to this? Also would you be making one of these for the regular V-Pet cage design?

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