Bit of a surprise before the event this weekend...

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With Megahobby Expo 2019 Spring this weekend, another item has been announced!

Previous updates have revealed a Digimon related talk, items on sale before their proper release, along with a raffle.

But now they've shown off a shikishi. It appears this will be the raffle prize (whether it's the top prize, or they are giving out prints, or perhaps even other items isn't clear at the moment.)

The shikishi by Kenji Watanabe features BlackWarGreymon using his newest and most amazing attack (which I've just made up the name of) Mochi Force!

Being that the early products on sale at the event are...

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Precious GEM BlackWarGreymon and Stuffed Collection Mochimon, the image makes a lot of sense, while also being quite fun.

Hopefully more to come from Megahobby Expo 2019 Spring!

The image at the top was upscaled for easier viewing, the original image is provided below.