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Thread: Long Time Lurker Finally Creates Account

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    Long Time Lurker Finally Creates Account

    I've lurked WtW on and off for years now, always ogling V-Pet threads, as those don't ever come out in my country (Brazil). I'd always considered importing, but our currency is worth absolutely nothing and i've only recently started to earn any money at all, thanks to landing a paid internship, so for a while i forgot about this forum and Digimon in general (mostly, i've still replayed World Championship on my 3DS from time to time).
    Well, recently an american friend of mine has offered to send me the 20th Anniversary V-Pet as a birthday gift, since it comes out around the same time as my birthday. This came out of left field and roundhoused me right back into the Digimon obssession i had suppressed for years.
    And since i'll finally have a V-Pet, i might as well finally bite the bullet and create an account on here.
    Still no PS4 to play the RPGs, though... come on, they're Digital Monsters, give me a PC port already ;-;

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    Yes, lurkers unite.... next Tuesday. Joking aside welcome to the forums. That's nice of your friend to send you a v-pet, they sound like a cool guy. If it makes you feel any better Digimon Survive is going to have a PC digital release through Steam.

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