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4. What "evolutions" can we expect in the new movie?
Kinoshita: There's a new gadget. The animation will be a reflection of the times it is set in, as well as the gadget. There are also streets that match the times back then. Also, when people grow up and enter society, their community and world expands. He wants to expand the story in the same way. That's the kind of "evolution" he wants to go for.
Seki: The size of the characters' hands and feet (drawn by Nakatsuru) are different! Their hands and feet are smaller now that they've grown up. That's evolution, in a way. With adult proportions, the characters will be able to make large actions and performances. She thinks that we'll be able to see new forms of expression.
It's always hilarious when people try to make something sound exciting when they can't talk about anything substantial yet. I mean what kind of amazing new things can we expect? Streets! Smaller hands! Literally what everyone has been waiting for.
They should just call the Movie "Digimon Adventure ~Streets of Small Hands~"

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We believe that from the accumulation of this work, there will be a "Digimon" that is the ideal for what we and the fans want Digimon to be."
The implication that they believe that there is a single uniform concept that all fans in general want Digimon to be seems pretty absurd... but I guess just saying "fans" sounds better than "the particular focus group contained somewhere in the fanbase that we're targeting this time".

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-Nakatsuru drew versions of Taichi with different goggle designs. Kinoshita says that "There was a version of Taichi with VR goggles as well, but Taichi's goggles are an important item that make up his identity so once we starting applying our concepts into the scenario, we began to say that we should have his usual goggles in this case. That's why, in the end, we reverted back to his original goggles." [So the VR goggles isn't a story element, rather they just were an early production element that has since been removed.]
I mean I know stuff changes during production but I can't help but feel disappointed about this as the VR goggles were literally the only actually interesting element in any of the teaser material we got for the project so far. Everything else was just... completely generic.

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Kinoshita: "The slightly advanced digital technology and gadgets in Digimon are also incredibly important in helping to shape the setting."
Seki: "Yes. That's why it is important in Digimon that one has a good grasp of the current technology while using it to provide dreams for what could happen with that technology in the near future. I believe that only the people who understand this will be able to continue creating 'Digimon' in future. I can't name names yet, but the director of the theatrical release is someone very capable. I've already looked through their storyboard and from it, I felt that they are a creator who not only has high understanding but has a clear philosophy."
Kinoshita: "While I've inherited the soul of 'Digimon' that has been built up by Seki and various veteran staff, I'm working very hard combining powers with the movie director to bring something suitable for the 20th year anniversary."
This I'm feeling weirdly strangely ambivalent about...while an increase in technological literacy is literally what I feel Digimon needs I feel kind of jaded whenever it actually comes up since most of the times they actually try to implement those kind of themes it tends to pretty much fall flat.

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Seki: It's easy to say the children and Digimon have a partnership, but difficult to make concrete lines for. She feels that it's her role to bring clarity to anything that is described vaguely.
I sure hope that this doesn't translate into a complete lack of subtlety...