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Thread: Digimon Ver.20th English Discussion

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    For a custom project I took apart one of these bad boys. I finished the paint job but upon putting it all back together it won’t power on. Any ideas as to what may be going on? I had stored all the internal components inside of a ziplock as to not have them get damaged. And I have tried to clear out any primer/paint that is remaining in places that may have contact with the board. But does anyone have any experience with this or have a workaround?
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    Maybe try cleaning the board with a bit of rubbing alcohol? Mine had a weird screen for a minute when I took it apart but after I cleaned it it was all good again.

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    How meny connection you need to unlck the yamato/taichi egg?

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    I ended up leaving my Omegamon Alter-S to die yesterday. Sorry buddy, I just wanted to raise something new! I have a Piyomon and a Gazimon now, aiming for RustTyrannomon. If I do this properly, I should unlock the Breakdramon egg, so I can try getting Omegamon myself!

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    Saviormon and Duramon just died(it seems to be injuries from poop that are preventing me from getting to mega) , now have Poyomon and Botamon

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    So my issue with the connection menu was because I had no dp lol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coquito12 View Post
    How many connections do you need to unlock the yamato/taichi egg?
    5 different connections.

    When you mess with the clock time constantly does it stop aging? My Doruguremon and MetalGreymon both evolved to Alphamon and WarGreymon at age 5.

    Jesmon and RustTyrannomon didn't happen until after age 10 when i wasn't changing the time.
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    Age only increases when the clock goes from 11:59 PM to 00:00 AM, so if that doesn't happen, age will not increase.
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    so in theory you can increase their age artificially? also I jogressed my first blitzgreymon with my second v2 egg and got alter 2. who ever leads the tag battle when the jogress occurs will become the base for the jogress. so i have a screen 2 alter s. also the age is that of my second v2 instead of my 37 yr blitz greymon. (I did this intentionally because my blitz had at least 2 care mistakes and I want it to last as long as possible so this allows my 0 care mistake cres to take the helm. I also was unsure if care mistakes reset from jogressing or if my blitz had taken point and gotten one more care mistake afterwards he would die.)
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    what does weight actually mean?

    also I'm in love with Bancho Mamemon

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