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Thread: Why Do You Like V-pets?

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    Why Do You Like V-pets?

    Hey, ya'll. I am doing a little research and just wanted to ask the community why ya'll still like V-pets or why you liked them as a kid. Do you plan on picking up the English version of the 20th edition re-release of the original V-pet?

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    I was introduced to Vpets when I was 7 or 8 years old, right when the first Tamagotchi released in the US. My older sister had the Gen 2, and when she got bored with it, I took it for my own and fell in love. Since then it's been mostly Tamagotchi and Digimon for me, as I think the main thing I liked about them was the evolution. I liked raising a little creature that would change based on how you raised it, and the surprise of seeing what you get is a lot of fun! I've since then collected at least one device from ALMOST every Digimon vpet release, and several Tamagotchi, and will be getting like, 6 of the English 20th Anniversary devices.

    The great thing about Vpets is how they are a passive toy, so you can keep one at your desk at work and still get the full experience, without needing to use up a large amount of time like a normal game. As such, they are brilliant devices for busy adults.
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    I had some Giga Pets as a kid, but nothing struck my interest harder than the Chao in Sonic Adventure. If you're familiar with them you already know what makes them amazing. Chao are probably the best vpet I've ever experienced and since the release of Sonic Adventure I've been hooked on Chao and vpets. I was homeschooled so Chao were like my family growing up.

    Digimon Adventure 1 for PS1 was also incredible to me because you're raising a creature from birth til death AND it's a full RPG. I had some digivices as a kid but was always sad they were nothing like Chao or vpets, so as an adult I delved into buying up a bunch of digimon Vpets like Pendulum Progress and Pendulum X and loved them. Then the anniversary digimon vpets came out. Hoo boy was I stoked to be raising some more creatures with love. <3 I'm 27 now and I still love vpets. There's just something about bonding with them that i love. I just ordered the new Digital Monster X Black after hearing about it and am prepared to have more fun in the future, too! c:

    Oh, and I still raise Chao from time to time in Sonic Adventure 2 for PC along with the Chao Garden extended mod which just makes the perfect vpet surpass perfection lol.
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    It is one of the most advance toy when it first came out when I was a kid. It was also one of the most popular toy worldwide at that time, and having capability to dock and rock? That was lit. Now, it is something of a nostalgia for me. I think it's like how people feel when they're play Super Mario on the original console. It's fun and nostalgic. Right now I'm waiting for more concrete info on the English version before making any decision buying it.

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    As a kid I didn't exactly get to play with a ton of the typical virtual pets or handheld games. Regardless I do still have a giant fondness of virtual animals and creatures in general. One that sits in my mind is a silly program called "Neko" that I found on my grandparents computer while visiting(they had a lot of old shareware software on it). It's a pretty simple program that depicts a little cat that chases the mouse icon. It had some cute animations on it and I fell in love with the simplistic pixel based design. Iíd eventually get hooked into ubisofts PC game Petz franchise for a similar reason. I liked pokemon for itís monsters and RPG battle aspects as it appealed to my tomboyish nature. So it wouldnít be fair to say that didnít influence my preferences for battling monster pets, hence why Tamagotchis never really appealed to me. My brother realizing how much I was into digimon bought me an adventure digivice for my birthday. I took that thing everywhere, for me it was really nice to have a virtual buddy I could take anywhere. Soon after I found out about the traditional v-pets but it kinda felt like something beyond me so I enviously window gazed at them through the internet. I didnít get to play with an actual V-pet till I was a teenager, around the time Savers was airing in Japan(Shout out to Dad for being cool and getting one off of Ebay for me). I honestly loved it and have raised a ton of digimon over the years since then on that device.

    In general Iíve noticed I tend to like RPG battle virtual pets and or anything that has a fun interactive petting mechanic. Kingdom Hearts 3D has my favorite interactive petting system with the Dream spirits.The big draw to all of it for me is that feeling you get whenďconnectingĒ with a pet. Raising a pet well, being able to interact with them, or seeing them overcoming an obstacle thanks to your handwork gives me this feeling of adoration.

    In regards to the newer Digimon v-pets, I really like them too. The 20thís are a nice way for me to get into the older pets I wasnít quite around for with additional mechanics and added Digimon. Itís super nice tosee a full wave are coming out to the US too, I didnít think that was ever going to happen due to how niche I always felt digimon was on the US side. Also as at the time I didn't really feel sure about ordering the JP 20ths at that time I'll certainly make sure to pick one up this time round.
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    I was already partial to Tamagotchi because a friend of mine had one and let me borrow it once. I remember seeing commercials for the original V-pet, but I didn't know they were Digimon until much later. I also remember seeing a kid on the playground with one, but still didn't know it was a Digimon. I got an American D-3 and much later ran into a kid with an original Digimon, which is when I made the connection. I traded with him, and from there I discovered all the different versions and read V-Tamer online at the old Digimon Himitsu site, which totally captured my imagination. I fell in love with (and still love) the world behind the screen it created for me. (Honestly, I wouldn't be as much of a Digimon fan today if it weren't for the V-Pets and V-Tamer.)

    Eventually, as most kids that age might do, I took it apart and ended up breaking it. I also got a Tamagotchi from a 6th grade swap meet and broke that too. I got the Pendulum Progress and Pendulum X later on, but they didn't quite scratch the itch I still had for my long-time broken v-pets. I kept going back to ebay and telling myself that they were too expensive, but eventually I caved and found ways around the scalpers (mostly), and now my collection is far bigger than my bank account (and and the average person) would think it has any right being. :P

    The bottom line is: I'm fixated on the V-pets because of V-tamer and nostalgia.

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    I never had a Digimon v-pet when I was a kid, but I remember the time when they were all the rage in the playground, well before Pikachu and pals came along. For me the big draw to the Digimon franchise has always been the anime, but it wasn't until the term "Rookie" got mentioned in the show that I made the connection with the old v-pets.

    I had a season 1 Digivice and that was a lot of fun, but at some point a friend lent me a Digimon v-pet they happened to have lying around. I had it for about a week I think, and recall my frustration and confusion at getting Gabumon instead of Agumon - only learning much later that this was the elusive Version 2. After this I developed a strong fascination for the v-pets, spent ages learning about them and looking at the growth charts and stuff on the File Island website, and despite this coming about long after their heyday, I had to get one. Eventually I picked up a Digimon Mini. Then later a second one for it to battle with. Then I bought a Japanese V1 from our very own Vande. And then a bunch of English V1s. And even later than that, the 15th anniversary Digivice and all the Version 20th stuff that's been released in recent years.

    As a Nintendo kid, I never got to play the videogames. But even despite finally getting to play them in recent years, I've always found more enjoyment from the v-pets. Even past them being the genesis of the entire Digimon franchise, there's a simple charm to them that appeals to me. The sprites, despite being tiny and not being in colour, instead leave a lot of room for imagination. Learning how the classic Digimon were designed as sprites first was fascinating, and while the opposite is true these days, there's also something funny about seeing more complicated designs like RustTyrannomon being shrunken down to cute little 16x16 sprites.

    More than anything, what I love most about the v-pets is the idea of having the Digimon with me, anywhere and everywhere, and integrating them into my daily life. Effectively having a "Digivice" with me at all times and with it the feeling of being a DigiDestined or a Tamer or whatever you prefer to call it, even as I'm doing something as mundane as commuting to work. And that's something no videogame or mobile app has been able to top.

    Edited to add: As for the English release of the Version 20th v-pet, that depends entirely on if it's getting a UK release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crait View Post
    Hey, ya'll. I am doing a little research and just wanted to ask the community why ya'll still like V-pets or why you liked them as a kid. Do you plan on picking up the English version of the 20th edition re-release of the original V-pet?
    I find Digimon to be super cute and it helps with my depression and anxiety because it gives me something to focusing on and a reason to wake up when I'm super stressed in other areas of life.
    My family also has a dog and several other pets but I don't always get to see them.
    So Digimon are a good substitute when I'm not able to visit my parents I also like the challenge of raising them.
    I also like the fact that I can raise them while working on what I'm studying for computer science and programming.
    I don't plan on picking up the English version 20th unless they add some new stuff because I have the Japanese version 20ths.
    Though I might pick some up in case I need to replace a screen or some other part one day.
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    I started with Tamagotchi Connection when I was a kid. A lot of my friends had them, and they were fun for a while. Later I got into the Digimon anime with Adventure and Tamers, but didn't get a digivice until Xros Wars came out.

    My first one was a Xros Loader, but I wanted a v-pet style one so I got the english Data Link. But I always liked the Tamagotchi because of the concept of raising it. I've wanted the Digivice Burst for over six years, and finally got one a few months ago. Now I use it all the time, mostly for the nostalgia of raising it like the Tamagotchi, and also because of the battle feature and evolutions.

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    I always heard of Tamagotchi, but due to my age I never had any since by the time I was old enough to understand what a Tamagotchi was, the Connection series ended and they sold on ebay for more than a preteen kid could afford.

    Last year however, they rereleased them in the US as a 20th anniversary thing, and they caught on again (Seeing as how they released the Tama ON here in the states, I think its safe to say that they're popular enough to give the next few Tamagotchi installments an English version as well). During that span from Xmas 2018 - Now, ive been infatuated with them and have 7 of them (two P1s, two P2s, two Connections, and one Friends)

    When I heard they were rereleasing Digimon this Summer, I got SUPER excited. I watched the original anime as a kid, but never knew they were Virtual Pets since when I watched it, they weren't in the US anymore. I got my DM20th English release a few days ago and I am LOVING it just like I thought I would. I also plan to buy several more to show that I support Digimon in the west, and hopefully like how we got the Tamagotchi ON here, we'll get the Digital Monster X (or some other version) here in a few months, but that's just wishful thinking .
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