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Thread: Why Do You Like V-pets?

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    Many reasons for me:

    1- I love animals and I like taking care of them.

    2- I love everything about Digimon: the lore, the concept of a digital world and the idea of having kaiju like creatures fighting against each other. They have enough varied styles to appeal to almost everyone, from cute, cool or scary to quirky or funny. I love having one at your disposal with these devices.

    3- It's quite a passive game, and the way I see it part of the game is to make them fit in your daily routine.

    4- I love video games, and this feels like a mini version of an RPG.

    5- It gives a unique sensation to obtain a Digimon you like by your own merits, specially if it isn't that common for others to have the same Digimon.

    6- I like having a "retro" thing with me. I don't live in the past, but I treasure it.

    7- I usually like to be alone doing my thing. As weird as it sounds these devices bring the comfort of company while allowing me to keep doing what I want. I love and treasure my friends and girlfriend but I need more space than most people I have met.
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