Hello there fellow Digimon fans, I found this site looking for ways to play the card game with the best play here in the states. It seems as though the japanese cards with the Hyper Colosseum rules is the best bet, especially after hearing of these Digimado tournaments put together by fans in Japan. I downloaded the lackey simulator with the data from someone named Rosa and it looks good but I have heard somebody else on here saying that they want to edit the card pictures with the English translation on the card. If there was a data base like that it would make it even easier to set up Digimon HC card tournaments here in the states and/or online with something like Lackey (or whatever the best program we card players can agree upon.) I've even seen someone on here who speaks good english and knows how to play the japanese rules of the game professionally so Im going to have to pick his brain for more ideas of how we can spread the card game around here and make it fun even though its in another language... I believe with the way the rules work and how much people still love Digimon we could make Hyper Colosseum fun and popular one day! Thats my goal, and hopefully start doing some type of digimon card game meet ups online or locally. Also would love to get a booth at a comic/gaming convention to find more fans and eventually have an American version of the Digimado events! whoo that was alot but I had to get my feeling out there as to why I made a profile and found these awesome forums.

Tamer Wizard