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Thread: DigiHazard - A Digimon Tamers Story

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    DigiHazard - A Digimon Tamers Story

    This is a fanfic concept I've had for years, basically since 2013 or so. I've never had a chance to write it, but now that I've gotten better at writing I'm hoping I'll be able to make something of it. It'll mostly be a slice-of-life thing at first, but you can probably guess that it'll get more intense as it goes on. If you like what you see, drop a reply and let me know what you think!

    Three years since the D-Reaper's attack on the human world, the Tamers who saved the world still struggle to cope with the loss of their partners. Meanwhile, prompted by a sudden and unexpected move to Shinjuku, the young Zachary Morse finds himself embroiled in a conflict he never wished to be a part of.

    U.S. Department of Defense — Undisclosed Location, 1978


    The words on the massive computer monitor lit up brightly against the cavernous walls, the sickly green contrasting against its enormous black screen, towering fifteen feet above all the researchers and military personnel. He'd always thought such a monitor seemed excessive, but President's top men were never ones for common sense.

    Regardless, he watched with bated breath as the screen lit up further, its state-of-the-art graphics displaying the test in as much detail as it could allow. Lime-colored pixels slowly filled up the screen, forming blurred images that slowly coalesced into a recognizable image — the circular outline of an island, with tiny dots moving in little blips. The room watched intently as a vertical green line appeared across the abstract landscape, slowly sweeping from left to right. He adjusted his glasses the line passed over each of the moving dots, watching intently as they each vanished, one by one.

    Finally, when the line had reached the right side of the screen, all the green dots had vanished.


    As the words displayed across the screen, a palpable wave of relief washed over the room. Before long, a slow applause built up among the suits and generals, reaching a crescendo within seconds. It was not loud applause by any means — it had almost sounded more exhausted than anything else — but the feeling of success was no less tangible.

    As the crowd began to disperse and mingle, a grey-haired man with sharp cheekbones and a four-star lapel pin approached, bearing a subtle smile that looked entirely unfitting for his face.

    "Well I'll be damned, you actually did it! And here I was thinking Dr. Beckenstein was crazy for putting you in charge."

    A frown crossed his face. I sure hope Johnny never learns about this. "Well sir, I'm grateful for your support, but keep in mind that this is still just a test. We won't be ready to properly deploy the project for a while."

    "Right. Standard procedure and all that. I'm not too familiar with your computer jargon, but it doesn't take a tech wizard to know good work when you see it. Your country thanks you, son."

    "Thank you, sir," he replied. As he reached out and shook the general's hand, his fingers were summarily crushed by a grip far too strong to be unintentional. He couldn't help but think of the difference in status between the two of them, and suspected that was the whole point.

    As the general slipped away, he slipped back into his own thoughts, reflecting on the task at hand, and what it had taken to accomplish it. Months of tireless work for hours on end, with plenty of sleepless nights. The rigid conformity and secrecy, locked away in a building that didn't even have windows, where some days he didn't even manage to see the sun. Generals and officers that seemed almost eager for war, who didn't care enough to understand his work even though it was vital to their goals. Even now, as the top brass was praising him, it came as a backhanded compliment.

    But all of that paled in comparison to what he had just seen on the screen. There was no doubt in his mind that the world that had appeared on the computer screen was real, and yet none of it was of any concern to the Pentagon. It was just another computer network, another piece of technology to be used for whatever they saw fit. Nobody seemed to think that the burgeoning lifeforms they observed were truly alive.

    In the end, he decided to stop even worrying about it. It was the Army, after all. If they discovered an alien form of life, it was only fitting that they'd destroy it.

    The screen lit up again, with new words. "BEGIN SECONDARY TEST FOR VERSION 0.5.0" He looked on as the program of his design scanned across another island, and once again watched the result of his hard work bear fruit.
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    Shinjuku Ward — Tokyo, 200X

    "Oof!" The sound echoed through the room, followed by a heavy thud as the cardboard box fell to the floor, kicking up a small cloud of dust. Above the box was Charles Morse, a man with wire-framed spectacles and receding golden-brown hair. He let out a sharp breath, pulled up his khakis by the belt, and gave the entrance room one final survey. The entire space was free of furnishings, save for the carpeted floor and the myriad moving containers.

    "Well, that should be the last of them. What do you think, Zack? Nice place to call home, eh?"

    Zack hesistated to respond. His eyes remained firmly focused on the carpeting, refusing to even glance at his father. "My home's in America," he muttered.

    "Aw come on, it's not that bad. I think you'll love it here! You just need some time to get used to it, that's all."

    "No, I don't," Zack curtly replied.

    "Hm," Charles said with a frown. He crossed his arms, looking contemplative beneath his thin mustache. Before long, he was back to his usual, sickeningly cheery smile. "Tell you what. Why don't you go out and walk around for a bit? I'm sure it'll do you good after being cooped up in a plane for so long. In the meantime, I'll go ahead and unpack all your things, so you don't have to worry."

    Zack sighed. "Yeah, sure. See you in a bit." As much as he didn't want to admit it, he was aching for a chance to stretch himself out. The constant clutter of empty boxes was nearly as bad as the plane. And that was to say nothing of the lingering dust, which was almost unbearable.

    Thankfully, it didn't take long to make his way out the door. It was a small house, so small it barely resembled any of the houses he knew in America. The front door led down a single flight of stairs out into a tight alley, lined with other small buildings built from concrete and render, painted dark colors by the setting sun. As he descended the staircase, a racoon rummaged through a trashcan on the opposite side, fleeing the moment it noticed Zack's approach. He paid the clatter of the overturned garbage can no mind as he walked down the street, his right hand compulsively combing through his thick brown curls, and the other held firmly in his left pocket.

    Why Japan? And why here in Japan, of all places?

    As he ran his fingers through his hair, they became caught on his headband, still tightly strapped against his forehead. It was a gift he received for his birthday, several years ago. Its deep blue color complimented his eyes well, he'd been told. Since then he'd never stopped wearing it to school, until the elastic became too stretched out to function, forcing him to tie it around the back of his head in a knot.

    His left hand, meanwhile, remained firmly in his pocket, fidgeting with the object inside it. Its smooth, rounded corners and triangular shape were oddly comforting, even after all this time. No matter how much his life had changed, he always carried it with him, providing a beacon of familiarity in a sea of tumultuous changes.

    Suddenly, Zack stopped in his tracks. Just then, he had felt... something. He wasn't sure what it was, but the hair standing up on the back of his neck didn't seem to think it was anything good. And, for the briefest of moments, he could almost swear he saw something in the corner of his eye, darting across the rooftops. But when he craned his neck upwards to look, there was nothing there.

    Zack let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Dad was right, the stress of moving really is getting to me.

    "Vee Headb — OOOOOW!"

    Pain. Everything was pain.

    Well, maybe not everything, but certainly all the head-related things. It was hard to think when all the head-things were hurting.

    Slowly, as the world came back into focus, Veemon stood up, clutching the top of his cranium with both hands. Despite the blurriness of all the sight-things, it soon became apparent that those things were different things than before. Namely, the concrete wall opposite him, and the big head-sized crater that was in it.

    "Ugh... what happened? Where's the guy I was fighting?"

    The world's spinning slowed, and the double images coalesced into single ones. When clarity at last returned, Veemon was left staring at something entirely unfamiliar — a city street in the evening, far from the sunless wasteland he had known mere seconds earlier.

    "Oh hey, I'm in the Real World now. That's new." He paused for a moment, still swaying as his head spun. The words he'd just spoken rattled around in his brainspace, until several seconds later, they landed in comprehension.

    "Huh!? I'm in the Real World!?"
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    Okay. So I'm in the Real World. That shouldn't be possible anymore, but somehow I'm here.

    Veemon paced back and forth in the alley, his footsteps plodding along the pavement, fixated on the unusual physicality of the asphalt against his toes. He stared at his hands, flexing his fingers open and closed.

    Hands seem normal... though they feel a bit tingly, I guess. Is that how bio-emerging is supposed to feel?

    His eyes drifted across the alley. There were no signs of any other people around, thankfully, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something else was wrong.

    Hmm. If I remember what the village chief said, there's supposed to be some sort of field when you bio-emerge, and you can't leave until it goes away. But I'm not seeing anything like that?

    Before Veemon could continue the thought, a sharp pang ran through his stomach, followed by a very loud grumble. He clutched his belly, barely managing to stifle the noise.

    Ah, I'll think about it more when I'm less hungry.

    Even in an unfamiliar country, there was always something oddly soothing about the cityscape. It was far enough from the center of Metropolitan Tokyo that nobody else was around to interrupt, yet close enough that he could see the buildings against the sky. He stood watching as the sun slowly crawled below the horizon, and the skyscrapers in the distance became a tapestry of electric lights against the darkness.

    Without even thinking, Zack began to step forward. The air filled his lungs with every step, putting him at ease. There were few things that he found more relaxing than a walk at night, even in a strange and unfamiliar country. Thoughts of home, thoughts of friends he left behind, and thoughts of change poured all at once through his mind, only to be calmed again by the cool breeze blowing by.

    Before long, Zack had moved out of the alleyway and into the main street beyond. It was then that a pair of lights flared at the edge of his peripheral vision.

    A quiet dread filled his chest. He turned his head towards the light, only to be blinded by a pair of hi-beams in the darkness. The car that bore them sped forth without hesitation, barrelling towards him seemingly unaware of his presence. As it grew closer, time itself seemed to slow to a crawl as the blaring car horn filled his ears. He could only close his eyes and wait for the inevitable impact.

    But the impact never came. Just as the lights grew close enough to pierce through his eyelids, Zack felt something tightly wrap around his waist, and let out a yelp as his feet were swiftly lifted off from the ground. His eyes still screwed shut, he could feel his spin from rapid motion, before feeling himself being placed back upright on the ground.

    The grip around his waist released, and Zack opened his eyes, letting them adjust to their normal function. As the world came back into focus, he saw himself standing on the sidewalk, before an unfamiliar figure.

    She was a girl, with a hair of fiery spikes that swept backward, extending down to the base of her neck. She wore cuffed shorts and a studded belt, and a blue T-shirt with a striking yellow fox tail printed on the front. Despite being roughly the same age, her eyes pierced through him like the glare of an authority figure that was profoundly disappointed in him.

    "[You should look both ways before you cross, band boy.]"

    "Um... sure. Can you repeat that? I'm still new at Japanese." His right hand traveled instinctively to his head, the fabric in his headband soaking up the sweat from his fingers. "You were complimenting my headband, right? Sweatband. Or still headband, since I guess a sweatband is a type of—"

    "Idiot! I don't care about your fashion choices! You could have died back there!"

    Zack breathed out, letting the tension escape his chest. "Oh thank god, you actually speak English."

    "So what if I do?" the girl harumphed. "That doesn't change the fact that you nearly got yourself killed. What's a foreign kid like you even doing wandering Tokyo at night?"

    Zack hesitated. He turned his head and glanced over his shoulder, looking back at the alley he came from. "Honestly? That's kinda what I'm wondering myself."

    The girl raised an eyebrow. "Hm?"

    "I just got here earlier today," Zack continued. "My dad said we had to pack up and move to Shinjuku. Leave pretty much everything I've ever known behind. I've no idea why, and so far he won't tell me. I just... I dunno. I thought maybe taking a walk would clear my head."

    For the first time, the girl's expression softened. There was a twinkle of something in her pupils that Zack couldn't quite place. Sympathy, perhaps, but her eyes still remained distant. "I see. Well, I'm sorry to hear about that. Just try to be more careful in the future."

    "Yeah, sure. Thanks," Zack muttered.

    The girl turned away, pausing to look over her shoulder. "Oh, and try to brush up on your Japanese. You're going to need it here."

    "Right, sure. I was... I was planning to." But Zack's words remained unacknowledged, as the girl was already well on her way down the sidewalk, strolling into the distance. As she did, Zack couldn't help but stare in lingering bewilderment.

    That girl... there's something odd about her. Just who was she?

    And the question would remain on his mind through the rest of the night.
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