V-Jump time!

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It's just about time for the July issue of V-Jump to come out and we have everything early, and relatively clean (not always a guarantee with V-Jump images.)

To start with, no 'big' news. The 'something serious is happening' teaser may refer to a couple different things here, but if you are looking for some sort of major announcement, you will not find it.

First up, the beginning of the Digimon content in V-Jump this month goes over a bit of basic info about the upcoming 20th film, with the majority this month being an interview with Supervisor (& original Adventure producer) Hiromi Seki and Producer Yosuke Kinoshita.

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During the interview they discuss handling a series that's been loved for 20 years and what episodes they consider their favorite.

They further discuss the theme of 'bonds' for the film that has been mentioned before, and how they hope that after people watch it they'll get motivation to try harder tomorrow.

General phrasing suggests the film is purely Adventure-centric.

Everyone's friend Terriermon Joshu chimes in with a bit more Adventure 20th film info also: A new 'gadget' item will appear in the film and it reflects 'the times' of when the movie takes place. Both the gadget and how it's 'expressed' (shown?) will 'evolve'. (Perhaps a tease about Taichi's VR googles which were shown in early art but have vanished as of late?)

At the top of the first page they have a header called Digimon Road to Ultimate, which appears to be teasing the next thing...

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An Imperialdramon Fighter Mode event in ReArise! And alongside this event they'll finally reveal the Ultimate level for Erismon, who everyone has been waiting to see for a decent chunk of time. They tease him with a silhouette.

Update- A bit more of a visual of what 'may' be Erismon's Ultimate.

A teaser image from ReArise, and images extracted from the game showing slightly different versions of it that show a 'slightly' better look at the head/upper body of what might be Erismon's Ultimate. (Some spines don't line up where you'd expect from the silhouette, but it certainly appears to be similiar to the silhouetted Digimon, and differences like that may just be based on the model/pose/etc.)

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Then after seeing renders last month, we get to see images of the 8th series of Capsule Mascot Collection figures!

This time the lineup is Tokomon, Kunemon, Leomon, and Shellmon. Like the prior sets, these are based on the original V-Pet artwork.

This will be the first set since series 1 that only had 4 figures.

On top of that, Terriermon Joshu returns with a bit of commentary about the Capsule Mascot Collection. He muses on how Leomon is from the Digimon V-pet 4.0, and can Piyomon and Palmon, also from the 4.0, be far behind?

Last up is the social media art corner. It shows off a previously existing image of Zubamon, Ryudamon, and Spadamon celebrating Tanabata, which is on July 7th. It also muses on the question- What do weapon and samurai Digimon wish for?

Big thanks to inakaparadais for the images, and to onkei for translating. Thanks to Chortos-2 for a couple of the ReArise images and to Muur for the heads up about them.

Update- Added another version of the promotional image for ReArise.