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Thread: Early Adventure Artwork- Lineart for Early Products

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    Early Adventure Artwork- Lineart for Early Products

    A fun Friday surprise!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Longtime Digimon artist Soh Moriyama posted a couple of images to Twitter.

    The images are back from the early days of Adventure. It appears Moriyama isn't sure where these ended up being use. He brings up cards and jigsaw puzzles as a possibility (them being from early cards that combined into a larger puzzle image seems like a good possibility.)

    When/if I have time I'll dig through product images and see what I can nab if no one else does it before I have a chance.

    A great little look back at what is likely some of the earliest anime related artwork there is.

    Hopefully more gets shared.
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    Just like old times.

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    Dude, that Devimon artwork is boss. A shame it was so underused. Or heck, not used at all.

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    The Devimon's artwork give me a different vibe than what is actually happen in the series proper. If I hadn't known better, I thought that Devimon is part of the good guys and he is the one calling the Chosen Children to save the Digital World.

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    Yeah, I don't get that impression. I mean, just look at the guy. Though it is kind of odd that they have him represented twice in the image. Maybe that's why it didn't get used.
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