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Thread: New US Digimon V-Pets Look to be the Japanese 20th in English

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    New US Digimon V-Pets Look to be the Japanese 20th in English

    A small V-Pet update.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Based on new information, it appears the upcoming US 20th Digimon V-Pet will indeed be English versions of the Japanese 20th V-Pet from a few years ago.

    The actual lineup of Digimon in it is unconfirmed for now, but being more or less identical to the Japanese 20th is likely (there's only 4 models instead of 5, so a 5th as a con exclusive or something wouldn't be shocking.)

    Update- At this point the egg sets 'look' to be identical to the Japanese 20th, so the lineup is likely identical, but until people get a chance to fully dig into them we won't be 100% sure.

    Gamestop in the US is still taking preorders for $20 each. The SKU if they have trouble finding it (if you go in to pre-order) is 191562. At the moment this is not listed at GameStop's website and you have to go into the store. When you give them the SKU they will likely say it's for 'Assorted Digivice', this is the correct item.

    Pre-orders can also be done at EBGames Canada.

    All information suggests a wider release once it's out.

    Thanks to Tamaplace for the update. It would have been more appreciated if they made information easier to find.
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    I come from the net Shadow Shinji's Avatar
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    Yaaay! If it's confirmed to have the 20th Ver. Japanese roster, I'm gonna snatching a yellow one on-line for sure! Having the enhanced version from 2017 doesn't make sense to just come back to the original from 1997 in my opinion.

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    I'm going digital Deep Saver's Avatar
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    Oh man if that is the case I definitely need one.

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    Red shirt DL22003's Avatar
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    I hope they reveal which of the wave 2 versions will Yellow and Blue be based on.

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    I come from the net DarkTamer Steph's Avatar
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    I was originally irritated with TamaPalace for being vague, under the assumption that they were just looking for clicks on their blog.

    After speaking with them, it's very apparent that they just don't know what they're talking about when it comes to Digimon pets.

    They have the device in hand at this point, and they're uploading an unboxing video. I've been speaking with them about how to tell if it's a legit English translation of the 20th anniversary or if it's a modded version that only runs multiple instances of the V1 egg.

    We should find out soon, since the second egg selection happens when the user's Koromon evolves into Agumon or Betamon.

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Apr 2018
    I will be buying one the moment I can. I might buy all 4 just to get them all out of the way

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    Ain't got no mojo... crait's Avatar
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    This makes me so incredibly happy!

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    Ain't got no mojo... rsccooperinc's Avatar
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    Feb 2018
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    Woot! I thought I was going to have to drop $60 to get one of these. Saw this yesterday morning and went straight to Gamestop after work to place a preorder

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    Red shirt GK45's Avatar
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    They have started posting their previews, in the most inconvenient way possible. Instagram Story.

    So far 4 videos and an image, front and back of box opened, flipping through the manual which is blank but rather thick, Egg, Botamon Training and a screenshot of Koromon.
    Grabbed some shots to help those that don't care to make an Instagram account to view 15 second videos. Click for larger image.
    EDIT: Oh and the launch screen, but that's a proper post.
    20th "Tyranomon head"

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    ?Do we know what digimon we can choose and how to get our digivolved form of our choice?

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