Hot off the heels of detective Pikachu in theaters, I wondered how the budget and cast for a live-Action Digimon feature would work compared to it? I could see Digimon having the ability to have more Digimon species than Detective Pikachu had Pokemon species, or on a smaller budget, due to some major factors;

* The “human in a costume” Digimon. There are loads of Digimon that would fit into this category, such as Venusmon, Ophanimon, etc. On the other hand, this means we’d likely need more actors to portray them. Plus true many others that are a bit more off and would work well with makeup like Ranamon and Lilimon. However, many humanoids would require motion capture.
* Digimon designs overall being gritter than Pokemon, especially earlier on. They would likely require less time to adapt them to a real-world setting and texturing. However, many are a lot larger.