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Thread: Extended battery cover for v20th V-pet shell

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    Extended battery cover for v20th V-pet shell

    Hi all,
    for all the modders out there, I created an extended battery cover to provide space for fitting extra batteries and switches for backlight mods.
    I Look forward to seeing all your mods! Link to the print file below.


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    Very nice! I actually know someone right away that could use this, thanks for sharing!
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    I love this idea! Can you list the components and battery info so I can recreate this? Thanks for the 3D printer file!

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    I got most my of parts following this guide: https://withthewill.net/threads/1835...t-Mod-Tutorial

    but instead of using a reed switch to make sure the battery is disconnect, I used a 3 pin switch. I also used thin hook up wires.

    - When light is off, the charging plug is connected.
    - When the light is on, the charging plug is disconnected.

    I hope that makes sense, I'm not savvy enough to know the electrical engineering terms.
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