A bit of a surprise...

Spanish retailers Fnac and Game.es both had listings for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth- Hackerís Memory posted earlier.

At this point they've taken the listings down, although Game.es still has the stand-in coverart on their server.

Both also listed the date it was coming out as October 30th (almost certainly a stand-in also.)

No further details of the potential release (Is it just for the Switch, or other platforms also? Would this be akin to the Japanese version of Hacker's Memory that included the original Cyber Sleuth?, etc.) is available at the moment.

For the moment Bandai-Namco hasn't announced a Switch release of Hacker's Memory, but hopefully good news will be coming soon!

Thanks to a few different people for sending this in, Gematsu for some details, and Elotrolado for the news.