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Thread: Hacker's Memory Coming to Nintendo Switch?

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    Hacker's Memory Coming to Nintendo Switch?

    A bit of a surprise...

    Spanish retailers Fnac and Game.es both had listings for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth- Hackerís Memory posted earlier.

    At this point they've taken the listings down, although Game.es still has the stand-in coverart on their server.

    Both also listed the date it was coming out as October 30th (almost certainly a stand-in also.)

    No further details of the potential release (Is it just for the Switch, or other platforms also? Would this be akin to the Japanese version of Hacker's Memory that included the original Cyber Sleuth?, etc.) is available at the moment.

    For the moment Bandai-Namco hasn't announced a Switch release of Hacker's Memory, but hopefully good news will be coming soon!

    Thanks to a few different people for sending this in, Gematsu for some details, and Elotrolado for the news.
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    Ain't got no mojo... KiriGuy's Avatar
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    Donít wanna get my hopes up too much but Iíd love it if this also lead into a PC release, I assume if its real then itíd be for fans on Switch (and possibly PC/Xbox in the west) without PS4s to refamiliarise themselves with the Digimon games before Survive is released.

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    I'm a Maniac Nagatem's Avatar
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    I hope itís the japanese version, that would be worth buying again for the new digimon to be used and transferred to the original

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    I come from the net Shadow Shinji's Avatar
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    This is literally the best thing that could happen to Digimon right now in order to get more recognition! I'm so excited ^_^

    Survive & HaMe are now the best two reasons to get a Switch asap!!

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Sep 2018
    My only concern would be if they release it near Pokemon Sword and Shield's release date.

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    Ain't got no mojo... IndustrialPanic's Avatar
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    Yeah that would really be a kick in the gut if they did that. Hopefully(if this is true) they release HaMe at least like 1 moth before or after pokemon.

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    I'm going digital Ryudamon's Avatar
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    Maybe they will add more Digimon into the game. I been hoping they add the last of the Dorumon lines to the game for the past year or so.
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    I'm going digital Deep Saver's Avatar
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    Hmm, Iím hoping it contains the first CS with the HM Digimon added to it like Japan got. Of course this is all contingent on the port being legit!

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    I come from the net Muur's Avatar
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    Just remember Best Buy "leaked" Persona 5 for Switch two months ago, and it turned out to be wrong.

    and they better patch the PS4 version if they do add new mons.

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    I come from the net flintlock's Avatar
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    Maybe they got confused with Survive?

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