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Thread: Pendulum shaking mechanism not working

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    Pendulum shaking mechanism not working

    I just got a 1.5 from eBay, but the training doesnít work. Anybody know how to fix it?

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    This is a common problem, and there are some easy diagnostics that you can do to help fix it. They all require you to open your device.

    First, can you confirm that when you try and do training that you get a result of zero ("00"). If so, continue on.

    1) Remove the four screws on the back of your Pendulum, being careful not to lose them. I recommend removing the battery door and batteries as well.

    2) With extreme caution, gently tilt up the back casing in such a way as to not put any strain on the speaker wire. These wires are 20 years old and can be quite brittle. Be mindful not to lose the plastic tab which holds the two-prong connector in place, as well as the silver pin which holds the keychain in place.

    Once it's safely open it's time for diagnostics.

    3) The pendulum mechanism is effectively a weighted 'hammer' on a spring which hits against a contact pad when shaken. The contact pad is shaped like an upside down L, with the top of it screwed directly to the circuit board while the vertical piece (black tab) hangs down adjacent to the hammer. It should be hard to miss if you can find the Pendulum mechanism or spring. First, make sure the spring is attached and that it still has tension. I recommend using a simple toothpick to move the hammer back and forth and see if it springs back. If the spring is present and functioning you're in good shape. If the spring is missing then you can still make it work, it will just require much more aggressive shaking since the hammer is not spring assisted. Either way you will need to do the next step.

    4) The most likely culprit for a non-registering pendulum is dirt and build-up on the hammer and contact pad. In my experience the pad tends to be more dirty than the hammer, but you will want to clean them both. This can be difficult due to the limited space, but any contact cleaner, alcohol, Lysol solution, generic cleaner is usually satisfactory. Actually doing the cleaning can be tricky, but what I've found easiest is to tightly wrap a small amount of paper towel (like a 1 x 2cm strip) around a toothpick and then add a drop of cleaner and gently just move it back and forth across the surface, trying to scrub as best as you can. You may have alternatives, such as extremely fine cotton swaps, but the goal is to keep it as dry as you can and massage the contacts gently to lift the dirt out without leaving lint, fuzz, or excess liquid.

    5) You can check to see if this worked by putting your Pendulum back together and holding A and C while pressing the reset button. This will bring you into a System Check menu where you can confirm the operation of all three buttons and the Pendulum function. It's faster than waiting for your Digimon to hatch, but you can do that too if you don't like using the reset button.

    Let us know how it goes! Good luck.
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    Thank you very much! I’ve never opened one up before, I’ll make a project of it and let you know how it goes. Thanks again for the detailed help

    Bad news, not only did I ruin the speaker but I ruined the whole thing! RIP clear pendulum but it was fun looking at it’s insides lol
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