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Thread: How strong are Armour Level Digimon?

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    How strong are Armour Level Digimon?

    The Armour Evolutions don't have an Adult, Perfect, or Ultimate Level, but instead just "Armour Level." What is an Armour Level comparable to in terms of strength? I'm aware that some Digimon are naturally stronger than others at the same Level (Compare a Greymon to a Numemon) and also also that Digimon can become stronger by training... ( I don't know where I'm going with this part.)

    Where do Armour Levels lie on the power spectrum?

    My theory is that an Armour Level is similar in power to the level above what it evolved from. So, Fladramon would be similar to an Adult Level. If V-Dramon were to Armour Evolve, it would be like a Perfect Level. If an Ultimate like MetalGarurumon Armour Evolved, well... It would surpass the Ultimate Level.

    What do you think? Are there any sources that state how strong an Armour Level is?
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    It just depends on the context. The original card game made them equivalent to Adult, while in the Digimon Story games for DS they were essentially Perfect level. And then there’s Magnamon and Rapidmon, whose profiles state that they have the strength of Ultimate Digimon.

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    regarding your theory, well all armors save for Tailmons armors evolve originally from rookies, also Tailmons armors never really are classified as stronger then the others.
    i think generally they are between adult and perfect, but a little bit closer to adults in power, with miracle and fate evos being at Mega level in terms of power, though iŽd say low-mid Mega judging by Magnamon being one of the rather weak RKs which generally are high power megas.

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    I would argue that Armor mostly falls in the average to lower Adult level range, although sure, individual fluctuation still apply etc.
    In any case, there's a reason why the armor forms weren't used much in Zero Two after the characters weren't literally forced to use them anymore... because they are the weird "Teenager" stage between child and adult if you want to put it like that.
    That Tamers only prominently featured armor Digimon in its first 13 episodes and made sure to feature adult level Digimon in any fight portrayed as an actual major challenge and/or evolution catalyst was most assuredly not coincidence either.
    Even Savers, where armor Digimon have been shown evolving from Adults, still portrays them as complete cannon fodder in comparison to any perfect Digimon and other media released concurrently like the Card Game Alpha or Another Mission don't significantly boost them up either.
    If we look at the lore's insistence to limiting armor evolution to ancient species I mostly get the impression that armor was what ancient Digimon cheated normal evolution with until proper evolution to adult became viable, at which point you could say armors became obsolete, hence their (supposed) absence from other evolution paths.
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    Stronger than rookie but weaker than most champions

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    Yeah. I think most of us just agreed in that they're mostly all Adults except for gold eggs. Those are perfects. Of course this is on the low sides of those levels but if it's the only way you can evo then you can probably make it work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosamon View Post
    If an Ultimate like MetalGarurumon Armour Evolved, well... It would surpass the Ultimate Level.
    Technically, that is the case with Ulforce V-dramon Future Mode.

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfTartarus View Post
    with miracle and fate evos being at Mega level in terms of power
    Actually, it only seems to be Magnamon and Rapidmon, oddly enough. From what we've seen, Maildramon gets taken out by a newly-evolved MetalTyranomon, and even its flavor text states that it's Knightmon's mount (implying that it's subservient to a Perfect). We haven't really seen much of Elephamon or Peacockmon in any media, and Kongoumon was in Xros Wars (where any concept of evolutionary levels is fucked anyway). Rhinomon hasn't shown up much either, but I do find it worth mentioning that, along with a handful of other Armor Digimon, it got an X-Antibody variant. Amusingly, these X forms of Armor Digimon seem to be officially recognized as Adult levels (and have an attribute that isn't Free) in pretty much every piece of media they appear in, including the Reference Book.

    Another thing I find worth noting is that, when the Chosen Children got their second Digimentals in 02, it was when they started to go up against Perfect Digimon. I'm not sure if this implies that the Friendship, Purity, and Faith Armor forms are inherently stronger than the previous forms, or if this was more to offer them a tactical advantage by giving them a second form that they could switch to depending on the situation. I do find it worth mentioning that Lighdramon was treated as a Perfect in Digimon World 2, but this was likely just because the game featured V-mon and its evolutions as promotional material very early in 02's airing. Though, Digmon and Submarimon's usage seems to be almost mutually exclusive, with the latter solely being used in underwater fights despite the fact that aquatic Digimon do have some combat capabilities on land (hell, this same series presented us with a hovering Seadramon). For that matter, Shurimon seemed to mostly be reserved for fights with similarly ninja or samurai-themed opponents (despite mostly being Adults like Igamon and Musyamon), which I guess really only left V-mon changing forms on the fly.

    Overall, I think Armor was just a gimmick that really never panned out to much in the end. They were an excuse by Bandai to make more critters, and in a franchise where practically any Digimon below the Ultimate level could arguably be considered useless, simply existing to sell toys and cards is all that really matters. Regardless, I really wouldn't mind seeing more of these guys. I liked that Cyber Sleuth featured them to some degree, but it really dropped the ball by not letting you have access to the Digimental of Courage all the way until chapter 7, a point when Adult-level Digimon, which Fladramon is equivalent to in said game, are well on their way to being obsolete (for whatever it's worth, though, that game did treat Armor Digimon as being equivalent to Ultimates when it came to accessing your Hacking Skills, and with Fladramon being low on Memory cost, I personally thought this made him a pretty good utility Digimon for early on, but I digress).

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    Armor Digimon can be either Champion or Ultimate in terms of power, and the latter has actually appeared as EVO Options in several Videogames.

    Rare cases like Magnamon can be Champion, Ulitmate or Mega in terms of power, or appear as those levels. So technically it should be possible for an Armor Digimon to exist as a Champion or Ultimate even without the use of a Digi Egg.

    In some cases both Armor and Spirit Digimon can Evolve without Spirits or Digi Eggs afterall.

    In short the Power Level of an Armor Digimon, and what Level they might be assigned if they are not "technically" an Armor Digimon as they did not Evolve with a Digi Egg can easily be summed up as "Enough for whatever role you want them in".

    In others words it is pretty much the same as with most Digimon, as despite the Level System making sense most of the time their are Major Outliers like Digimon existing at more then one Level, and Digimon that despite being at Lower Levels are Stonger then those Higher then them. So the Level System plays fast and loose as to how important it can be.
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