More V-Jump

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It's just about time for the Juneissue of V-Jump, so we have early details and images!

This is of course after we got text info on a big teaser in the magazine.

Smaller updates this month again.

First up, we get a page for ReArise showing off Dynasmon, Beelzebumon, and Stefilmon.

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Then we get our first look at the 8th series of Capsule Mascot figures!

We previously got info about these from a production solicitation a store had.

This time the lineup is Tokomon, Kunemon, Leomon, and Shellmon. Like the prior sets, these are based on the original V-Pet artwork.

The preview shows off CGI renders of the upcoming figures.

This will be the first set since series 1 that only had 4 figures (unless they are holding out on us, which they may be.) In addition, thanks to the renders, we can see that for Tokomon they are using his 'closed mouth' profile art.

Plus we get V-Tamer show off in a corner.

Next to that is the social media art corner. It shows off a previously existing image of Gomamon looking at Seadramon, MegaSeadramon, and MetalSeadramon. The text muses on how the various Seadramons can swim thru the sky.

And last up, just under that is the teaser for next month...

Thanks to akatuki_d30 for the images.