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Thread: How long before digimon is public domain?

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    How long before digimon is public domain?

    I was just thinking about the Mickey Mouse escapade and how disney had their extension but mickey is appearently going Public in 2024, I am curious though now as a giant digimon fan: is it released as public domain? or do we have to wait thirty years from now?

    This also doesn't take into account if Bandai somehow stop using digimon for a couple years and then it's copyright is questioned.... but I'm just a dork asking because of curiosity :3

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    Well I don't know about Japan's or International copyright law, but I do know that in the US works enter the public domain 70 years after the creator's death. I read something about some cases being 120 years after the work's creation but I'd have to do more research looking into that. It used to be a lot shorter of a period but Walt Disney himself helped change the law in the US to make it what it is now. It would take a lot more than a couple years of not using digimon for the copyright to be questioned
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    somewhat on topic, Digimon is pretty cool though in that they hold high regard for their fan's fiction. Here is a quote from Kenji Watanabe from a 2017 interview (full interview here: https://withthewill.net/threads/1832...-Producer-Habu )

    Watanabe: As the people in charge of WiZ change, new ideas are also born. Not only that, as we move into a networked society, it has become easier for normal people and fans to publish their own original Digimon. It's a good thing, but on the other hand, I personally also find it very scary. More precisely, I'm worried about whether [the Digimon we create] will overlap with [existing original Digimon that fans have created]. For example, when we're asked to design a 'Something-mon', we might search the internet and find that someone has already designed an [original Digimon by that name]. For a period of time, we did try our best not to infringe on existing [fanmade original Digimon ideas], but now that the number of illustrations have been increasing at a never-ending pace, we try not to worry about it too much. Sorry if our ideas overlapped with yours! But rest assured that we didn't try to steal your ideas.
    as long as you're not doing things for profit from their IP, Public Domain shouldn't be an issue

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    That makes sense. It sure happens a lot to me so I have to change my idea. ...Happened 3 times with one idea. ...I'd be glad to trade any idea I made if we could legally work it out. ...And I get payment and credit. heh heh I'm sure for that to happen it'd be enough red tape to choke a very large digimon.

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    This has me considering the possibility of Pokemon also going public

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    We’ll all be long dead before either franchise is public domain.

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