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Thread: Do Real English D-Power Ultimate have hard Clips

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    Do Real English D-Power Ultimate have hard Clips

    Last year I bought a D-Power Ulitmate off Ebay the Seller did not know if it was EU or USA

    The Clip on it is Hard Plastic instead of Fibers.

    All the pics I have found is just of the JP version with the red fiber at the top this is black hard Plastic

    I looked on ebay for another one and all the ones I can find that looks like mine is in Asia but I bought mine from a person in the USA last year.

    I paid $100

    When I can I will get a Pic of it taken.

    I just want to make sure the one I got is not a fake from China. Because Last year and this year I been working on getting my Digivice Collection back

    But I never had an Ultimate before so I went for it.

    This is not the seller I bought mine from but this is what mine looks like

    I will get a pick of mine this week up

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    I know for sure the EU versions of the Red, Blue and Green had the hard clip. I don't remember if we got that Takato Gold D-Power or not.

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    Judging by gameplay footage on Youtube and images of the device in box, yeah that D-Power is legitimate. It's the 3rd version of the D-Power Digivice.

    However, be aware that this Digivice, if version 3.00 carries a bug that prevents completion of the final boss and results in the need to completely reset and start over your entire game.

    This major bug was fixed in the 3.01 release, however, the only way to know if you have the patched version is to access the debug mode by resetting the system with the left and right buttons held down. It will display the version number.

    3.00 = unbeatable final boss
    3.01 = beatable final boss
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