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    Smile Hello

    Hello everyone!

    I'm a fan of Digimon since it firts aired on television here in Brazil, years and years ago. It became one of my favourite franchises, even after it's popularity decreased and me my friends hit the classical teenager phase of "Why should I care for a 'kids show'?". I was really excited when I discovered this forum years later, I think around when the very first Evolutionary Relationships thread started (yes, I have been lurking for a reaaally long time). THAT thread almost made me join various times, I really like theorizing and making up "fanfiction" on my head, but foruns have never been my thing and I ended up never registering.

    What changed? Well, I'm making (or at least trying to) some changes in my life and joining a great community about a franchise I love is a good step. It also helps that I'm taking my fanmons/what-ifs more seriously (a.k.a. drawing them) and want to share!

    Apologies in advance for any grammar/ortography errors. I'm plenty used to read/listen English, writing... not as much.

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    Welcome to the forum! Glad you finally made the decision to join!
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