Happy news is always good.

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It's been known for a decent amount of time that Suzuko Mimori (Sora in tri. and the upcoming Adventure film) and pro wrestler Kazuchika Okada (Rainmaker) were together, but they both recently announced that they have gotten married.

In her Line blog Mimori mentioned that she was still immature as a person, but that she wanted to be bright, fun, warm, and supportive with her family, as her mother was, and she plans to continue to work hard into the future and aim for taller heights and she thanks everyone for their upport.

Okada posted to his Twitter that he hoped they can bring a rain of happiness to their home and he hoped to continue thanking everyone in the future.

I'm not sure it's been stated 'exactly' how they met, but Okada is an insanely popular wrestler for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and is a huge anime and game fan (apparently he got interested in wrestling playing a wrestling video game when he was younger), and NJPW is owned by a few different companies that are involved in anime & other entertainment industry productions, along with with Okada cameoing in anime and games it's easy to see that they very well may have met at an anime or game event or at a production studio.

Always fun to be able to report happy news!

Thanks to onkei for the news and clarifying some details.