Escape room update!

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The second Digimon Adventure escape room, "Ultimate Decisive Battle- The Greatest Darkness, Apocalymon", will be held thru July 15th at various Nazotomo Cafe locations.

It's been open for a few weeks at this point, and the can badges and drink sets will be available on April 20th, as previously announced.

The new set of can badges (pictured at the top) will be random packed for 400 yen each. The artwork for these features the Digimon at their child level (plus the new escape room art of WarGreymon for the 9th one.)

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The 600 yen drink set (with straw holder and coaster) will return. The items included are a crest themed coaster, and a themed straw hanger with the kids and their Digimon at the highest level they appeared at in Adventure.

Update- The image previously here for the drink set item was (apparently) early versions of them. Nazotomo has put up the correct image and we've replaced it, the original one we had is below. In addition, the new image used a color profile that made them display incorrect, we've corrected that.

The available drink selection for those who order the drink set:
Orange Juice
Apple Juice
Oolong tea
Coffee (hot or cold)
Tea (hot or cold)

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For both the drink set and the can badges you can choose if your random selection will come from the new set of 9, or the set of 9 from the original escape room (featuring the classic Adventure profile art, plus the original escape room key art.)

Prior details on the 2nd escape room can be found here and here.

Update- The original image as mentioned above...

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